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  1. No, it's not worth it because I already bought ghosts and It's NOT fun. There are no FUN guns to use or combinations. Also, extinction is kind of like a serious version of zombies because it has very specific classes and it has like a weird money system and extra modes should be simpler like zombies and not complicated like extinction.

  2. Shocking Salmon-

    Effect: Activates an EMP Effect when the player takes 2-4 hits from a zombie.

    Uses: Very useful when in close quarter maps like Verrückt or MOTD. This isn't really OP cause the effect happens randomly.

    Appearance: It has an orangey and yellow colored bottle and it has a picture of a salmon/fish getting electrocuted

    (Jingle coming soon)

  3. Here's a jingle!

    (Smooth Jazz Style)

    Got a sour taste in your mouth,does it make you sad or even mad. Maybe it cherry, no it's STRAWBERRY. Get a bottle of sour strawberry, pop the cap, I promise it's not a piece of CRAP. Don't try to kiss your babe, or she'll leave you in disgust. Soon, you'll feel your tummy rumble, better close your mouth cause your about to blow. This gas, it's not normal. Once you breath it, it will be running through your core. Once it's gone, you will probably be bored. Once that happens, just pop another bottle of sour strawberry, I swear it's better than ELECTRIC CHERRY!

    (Smooth Jazz Plays)

    Hope this helps! :)

  4. Perk idea:

    Sour Strawberry


    Effect: Gives you a gas effect that causes damage to the zombies behind you. Sometimes zombies in front of you will stand in their tracks in disgust to give you a quick getaway.

    Appearance: Has a bright pink color all around the bottle with picture of a strawberry with dark red smoke around it.

  5. VERY LOW CHANCE, I say this because call of duty would lose ALOT players because there is a great piece of the call of duty community that is full of zombie players (like this one) and if treyarch were to discontinue zombies, treyarch (and possibly infinity ward ) would lose a lot of money because people aren't buying their games. So I guess that would be a bad thing for their company. :[

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