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Posts posted by dannyfrog2013

  1. 10 minutes ago, Hells Warrrior said:

    Maybe, just maybe we are clinging on for something that simply isn't there and we have been shat upon from a great height?

    would not surprise me tbh. i think this is it the end and thats that. but who knows im not hyped really even if there was another ending lol ....

  2. 1 minute ago, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:


    In either case, that would mean two EEs for Revelations - "A Better Tomorrow" and "For The Good of All". Only one has been completed so far :wink:

    well apparently the second one gets people the rk5? of course im on xbox one so no clue really other than what people say lol

  3. 2 minutes ago, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:

    Seriously??? Redditors gon' Reddit I guess...

    apparently it was posted 2 minutes before i posted mine but who knew? funny thing is i dont see it on the reddit anywhere unless it just isnt updating for me. oh well. never mind i wont bother posting on their any more with information i suppose lol

  4. Just now, ZombiesAteMyPizza! said:

    Nice :) Yeah man I was always skeptical but it HAS to be. Official Steam website and the API name (ZM_GENESIS_SUPER_EE) is a dead giveaway :smile:

    well i got hated on and shot down with it properly barely being read on reddit. last time i post anything there actually with proof and the thread was removed lol ....

  5. 11 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

    It's likely they're going to return it in a near patch. It's likely just an issue of fitting all the gumballs on one screen. They really should have just created a 3rd screen for dlc gums. 

    funny thing is ps4 has the bug as well i believe or think since the 1.06 update? i suppose they always mess something up im not bothered as long as i get them back 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

    I DOUBT it will stay that way. Wall power was needed to unlock that barracks thing. You should complain however, as that IS practically robbery. 

    You paid money for a roulette. You earned a gobble gum from that roulette. That gobble gum is your property, legally, and if they take that, it's stealing. 

    yep its why im irritated by it. not like they can refuse to refund me as i paid for what they took away .... or they better fix it fast! thing is it should not have ever happened in the first place. sure is if they dont no doubt they would have a law suit on their hands if someone pursued it or wanted to

  7. 6 minutes ago, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

    So Xbox is now getting death machines, ready up, and the ability to get the new gobble gums from the widow's wine easter egg on SOE as well as several other features that should have been in the game upon launch? NEETO! 

    appears to be so but guess what? they took away unquenchable and wall power ... is it an error i dont know. i bought cod points for liquid divinium so im not impressed if they dont fix this and correct it il be ringing xbox and demanding a refund seen as they took away essentially what i paid for which is robbery pretty much .... or they are as incompetent as "usual" how is it with every update they actually fuck up? lol .....

  8. ok so a new update out for xbox one 7.9 gigabyte in size patch notes here http://charlieintel.com/2016/02/08/new-patch-for-black-ops-3-now-live-on-xbox-one-includes-bug-fixes-and-more/ and ps4 9.5 in the case of the xbox one its the one ps4 got not so long ago. the new one for ps4 is 1.06 this is abit annoying seen as we are basically now one update behind i dont understand why they could not just give us the same as what is in the 1.06 for ps4? seen as we will probably have the errors they did with der eisendrache and game breaking bugs. ps4 patch notes here for 1.06 http://charlieintel.com/2016/02/08/new-black-ops-3-patch-live-on-playstation-4-patch-notes-posted/

    anyway thought some of you might want to know so there it is. the elitism needs to end and before anyone says you had the dlc for years no i was on ps3 first since 2010. i dont care about the dlc id just prefer the updates at the same time thats about it .... also apparently on ps4 they removed unquenchable gobblegum and wall power as well as one of the dlc ones which i find that ridiculous so thats what will happen to us xbox one users? how does that make any sense considering people will of paid for cod points with liquid divinium and i am one of those people and no im not ashamed but hell seems ive probably been ripped off if my divinium is not refunded if they remove those of course im not on ps4 so ive not seen it for myself if anyone can confirm?

  9. 8 hours ago, InfestLithium said:

    git gud






    yep i agree i am SICK or annoyed at least the slow down they cause for the giant you cant train for this reason really they force you to camp shadows of evil on the other hand i can run around on no issue probably primary reason is the riot shield existing. you cant even recover barely when slowed down i try to jump as well i notice that has been nerfed there is literally no altitude or much of height jumping


    In all seriousness, the new system isn't too wonky. I don't mind having the zombies beefed up, but for the love of god remove the slowed-down effect of getting hit by a zed. That is my biggest concern.

    I'm starting to get peeved by the OHK zombies that are NOT boss-based but I digress...that just comes with the increased difficulty.


  10. On 11/30/2015, 11:30:33, Stop Mocking Me0 said:

    It's a new system that they're trying out, with any luck, they'll patch this before the mod tools become available in march. 


    Like I said KAM, that's the 5000 swipes-per-minute at work there too. In cramped maps like SOE, you're going to have to run past a horde at some point, and when that time comes, we should be at most taking 4 hits of damage, not the full 6. 

    What the system does right now is provoking players to camp, and I don't like that.  Love the new PAP elemental effects, and how OP they are, but I should be able to train around somewhere if I want to truly enjoy the game not sit in one area and continuously shoot for hours with the occasional thunder blast or purple explosion. I tried training on the giant like I have in BO1, and It immediately failed. Camping on the catwalk got me to round 15 on solo easy. 

    i agree training on the giant is a joke because of the aggression if you dont have stamin up your going to have a hard day you are forced to camp and go for headshots i love headshotting them anyway but they hit you they dont drag you in like [email protected] but sure as hell stops you enough to get wrecked to easily you dont run quick enough either really to train i dont think. hopefully they change it

  11. 49 solo 2430 kills 121 headshots 6 revives 9 downs ammo is kinda hard to come by at those points not to mention margwas in the way of you killing the last zombie trying to headshot it was a pain in the ass. but the civil protector is a god send he was still killing them at that round so i guess he is a one hit kill no matter what? 2 of the downs lol was by the chain trap protector revived me right when i was in its path second was same again i think. lil arnies was a life saver also. perks jug qr stamin up is a must for agility and those tight spots speed cola widows wine i had an extra perk so double tap as well. usually jug widows wine cr stamin up

  12. 7 hours ago, steviewonder87 said:

    On the same theme, what's up with the monkeys too? Zombies still hit you if you are within hitting range even when you've thrown a monkey? I'm not sure if it's a bug or intentional but I don't like it.

    yep that fucked me over the other day on the giant that did .... the zombie just wobbled its head and just kept slapping at me i didnt have chance to even get away. they worked bad in bo1 they would slap you then run to the monkey. this time they dont it seems it only affects a certain amount. ive no idea why because the beacons in origins they was flawless as monkey bombs so why did they not use that string or line of code? so the monkeys worked right? .... and the waffe sucks yep takes way to long to chain to the zombies unpaped that is

  13. ok so pc dev made a tweet less than an hour ago about some announcement and well they just posted this link a treyarch blog mentioning the mod tools. pc custom mappers rejoice!! https://community.treyarch.com/community/treyarch/blog/2015/11/02/modding-mapping-tools-coming-to-black-ops-3-pc-in-2016


  14. im not sure if this is news but bo3 friday is upon us again so it will be livestreamed vonderhaar will be there im sure seems a good a place as any to put this anyway here is the link with all the info you need http://charlieintel.com/2015/10/30/live-stream-bo3fridays-4-nuk3town-trailer-giveaways-qa-2/ and the stream channel. its on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtFwhlr3A1E hopefully something good happens in the stream anyway enjoy

  15. It is shitty for last gen owners.

    But this is good for DLC maps. They won't be held back by last gen hardware, so they can have more room, more maps, more unique mechanics, more of everything if they really wanted too.

    well beenox are developing the game for last gen anyway not treyarch to port it over. so it wont affect the flow of creativity but it feels like to me this says fuck you to last gen and move on to next gen pretty much. well lets hope the maps have no anim errors now with more hardware and ram capabilities lol. or other bugs left unfixed

  16. ok so its confirmed xbox 360 and ps3 will not get the giant or get the season pass so all they will receive is shadows of evil. seems abit of a shitty deal or thing for them to do. im glad i didnt waste my money on last gen the game i knew it would be like a potato but just confirms my suspicions source charlieintel.com/2015/10/23/call-of-duty-black-ops-3-season-pass-wont-be-available-for-last-gen/

  17. Is there anyone else out there who is only getting BO3 for zombies?

    I for one am as I have zero interest in MP and will complete the campaign just once.


    Is it just me or are there others out there the same?

    yep there is no other reason! i wouldnt get it otherwise. il probably complete the campaign to see if it unlocks any zombies mode or some shit like that. im lucky i won some money to actually be able to afford an xb1 which i was struggling to save for. so win win all round! :D :p lol. i will play mp but zombies first and mostly just zombies as no doubt mp will piss me off

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