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Posts posted by GRILL

  1. Okay, you guys are definitely right.  Just finished the video, was interesting but literally 0% talk on any sort of zombies campaign.

    Literally the only thing said that could remotely compare:

    "There is a dedicated narrative built specifically for an all new enigmatic, zombie-loaded experience." - Wheatman

    I think it's for sure a mistake in the youtube video description.  Gonna include a screenshot in case they change it:







  2. Treyarch's Conversation's with Creators video went live today.

    In the description, it's specifically says there will be a zombies campaign:

    "PlayStation Store Presents a round table discussion with Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia, Game Director Jason Blundell, Game Director Dan Bunting, Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar and host Wil Wheaton about the origins of Call of Duty, Black Ops 3 and an all-new Zombie Campaign Mode."



    Check out the video in @Lenne's thread here.

    What are your reactions to a "Zombie Campaign Mode"?  Is it just false wording on the youtube video's part?  Does Wil Wheaton know what zombies is?

  3. @PINNAZ @Lenne we are live :D

    text link: https://youtu.be/LWwyfxWVXhs

    PlayStation®Store Presents a round table discussion with Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia, Game Director Jason Blundell, Game Director Dan Bunting, Studio Design Director David Vonderhaar and host Wil Wheaton about the origins of Call of Duty, Black Ops 3 and an all-new Zombie Campaign Mode.

  4. Hey all, just your friendly neighborhood GRILL with a little message from myself & the staff.

    Now that the zombies season is upon us, we have a lot of new members joining the site and making introductions in the "Introduction" section.  Let's make sure to give them a warm welcome, and encourage them to participate throughout the forum.

    It's always been a tradition for the "CODZ Welcome Wagon" to roll out when new members make an introduction.  It takes a lot of courage to "present yourself" (via introduction) to a close knit community like CODZ, let's give as much support as possible to those who join us.

    Just remember that the people you meet here, now - they will be part of your BO3 experience probably. You'll remember the interactions here for the next 3 years until BO4 (lol) comes out.

    Welcome wagon... Unite!

  5. And with tranzit i mean frankly the fault lies with us for not having the patience to work it out properly. 

    Yet we have the patience to crack cryptograms, ciphers, and all manner of convoluted tie-ins.  Zombies fans are the quickest around when it comes to this stuff.  The fault with Green Run is that it was far too ambitious for the console generation it was made for.  If you still believe there is something to be found, then by all means - go find it, and bring your evidence back here.  I will gladly, happily eat my words and say "well I guess there WAS something left on that God-forsaken map".

    We welcome all sorts of discussion here, and I applaud your ambition - but saying that we don't have "patience" is untrue.  We're a strong community after 2+ years of off-time from official zombies content, we've been around since 2009 - I'd say we're pretty patient, and pretty resilient.

    Not taking a dig at you or anything, we've just had a lot of new folks (like yourself) come here over the past few weeks and tell us to go hunting, like running around firing a gun into the darkness is actually going to do something.  I don't speak for everyone - but I speak for myself when I say that I did that already.  I did hunt, for hours, days.  

    I know they can add new stuff in, and I would love them to.  I'd also love to see something old, hidden that we somehow missed.

    But, as of now, my belief is that there is nothing more to be found (EE step related).  Sure, there may be some scribbled word on a piece of a paper we missed, but 3arc knew exactly what they were doing when they said that "not all the EE's had been found".  It was just vague enough to spark fever in the community.

  6. I preordered mine at gamestop so I should get it on the day it releases. I'm not having it delivered. So much easier just picking it up yourself. Even if it doesn't arrive I still have a hardened edition reserved for Xbox so I should be fine if it arrives late.

    Have you tried paying extra for 2 day delivery?

    Funny, I actually missed your comment on here initially (until now).  Just changed the shipping to 2-day yesterday, and for $3 more I get my jugg on time:





  7. No, it was never found to have any purpose (other than looking strange).

    a lot of us thought that it was originally supposed to be another playable area, but perhaps covered up last minute.  I always thought It looked similar to the rocket in ascension, so it could always be an EE towards that as well.

  8. It's not to say that we haven't been searching.

    Not sure if you can tell, but we've been here for all those years searching.  Combing the maps foot by foot.  If you are suggesting that we all just start spamming the thundergun in every direction, that's not really searching - more so hoping on a prayer.  A prayer from someone who just joined the site, again - not trying to accuse you of fakery.

    All I can say is next time, try taking more pictures.  The more you have to back up your claim, the more so people will want to help you figure it out.  I'm not ruling this one out... yet.

  9. yes but you said "I don't know if the rocket was launched or not".  There is no rocket in Kino?  There is a rocket in Ascension.

    EDIT: Forgot about the Tele FIVE rocket.

    And yeah, I've never seen those text prompts before.  Not sure what to say at this point.

  10. I would think they would restock. Possibly around Gamescom? (Happens in August)

    luckily I pre ordered mine during the event itself.

    some areas were only allotted 2 per store, apparently.

    On the ebay stuff, I really can't stand those people. Not only do they deprive real fans of getting the jugg edition, but they exploit those fans by turning around and selling it for double the price.

    wish you best of luck in tracking down a jugg edition my man!


  11. Well spoken InfestLithium!

    TheThiny, it would be extremely unlikely that an Easter Egg has been hidden away in a zombies map for over 4 years - since the release of Black Ops I -, as most Easter Eggs are solved within the first week of release by budding zombie slayers!

    However, it would be cool if they could hide one away for such a long time... =)

    you were saying? ?

    @thethiny has there been something discovered? Please give us some more information if you've found something.

  12. I said it "seems", not that you "are" intentionally just causing trouble.

    im on my phone right now, so pardon any incorrect grammar or whatever.

    You first said to me that I shouldn't be on this site, I was using your same words. It's hypocritical for you to make it seem like that was the basis of my argument, when in fact I was just using your words against you.

    im not going to spend time on a diatribe, I'm at work - on a 10 minute break. All I have to say that I am for the people. I am for discussion. I am against leaks that are NDA or embargo based, as they are illegal and could hurt the site.

    This was a gray area, so we allowed it.

    and now its been officially released. We obviously have a larger conversation about leaks vs. marketing tactics, but atleast we can all enjoy the video knowing its official.

  13. I've edited the title to be less click-bait.  Please do not use "click now" in a title.

    I watched the video, and could see the green light.  It's significance I have no idea, and am not sure as to whether it would qualify as an EE.  If we could get a translation of what is being said, would be great.

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