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Posts posted by GRILL

  1. The CODZ LFG has been paid in full, thanks to a final $70 donation from @Boom

    Huge thanks to everyone involved with donating towards this cause, we've been getting specs from the developer and should be testing the LFG system itself in the coming weeks.

    This is truly a monumental moment for CODZ, and the start of something game-changing.

    Big shout to @Hells Warrrior for doing a lot of the leg work.  This may have been a shared idea, but it could not have been executed without the mighty craig.

  2. @Dindo Nothin there are many variations of the story on this site.  Unfortunately I don't have one on hand that centrally explains everything - but what I can do is call upon the forces that be to either explain it to you, or provide a link.  Hopefully one or a few of them will respond.

    @Rissole25 @PINNAZ @Shooter @Tac @MixMasterNut @DeathBringerZen @FatedTitan @AlphaSnake @Hells Warrrior @Boom @Slade @Tasha @Lenne - any of you fine folks have a certain thread in mind that is the best for the storyline?  I know we used to use MMX's, but it's been gone awhile.

  3. @Dindo Nothin no problem man!  

    Rule #1: The Call of Duty Zombies Wiki ALWAYS lies

    We at CODZ.com have been researching the story the past... oh, 7 years.  One thing that is consistent is that there will always be misinformation.  The Call of Duty Zombies Wiki is basically just a giant misinformation-fest.  @MysteryMachineX can certainly back me up on this.

    The only reason the name "avogadro" exists in zombies lore is actually because of a leak pertaining to Black Ops 2.  There was a leak several months before BO2 came out, and it was purporting to show all of the achievements for Green Run - one of the cheevos mentioned the "avogadro" and the community took it and ran.

    Lo and behold, once the game came out - there was no mention of any "avogadro".  It's possible that 3arc had changed the descriptions and titles, but if you look at the achievements for Green Run - it's clear that the electric entity's name is "him":


    Your enthusiasm is refreshing though, welcome to CODZ and please keep asking questions.  You'll do fine here.

  4. @Hells Warrrior "new content" is a beloved feature, I understand that things must change - but why can't we just keep the "new content" button as well as the activity stream?  I personally don't have the time in the day to browse every forum, and I only think the most dedicated of users will actually go into their preferences and tick all the features.  This could be a huge blow to easily accessing up to date content.

    Kind of annoyed with taking away features that we become accustomed to... I know it's not you, but I don't understand why the folks who created this build can't just let shit be on top of improving.

  5. @Dindo Nothin The "avogadro" is not the electric man's name, the electric entity from Green Run is simply known as "him".


    and yeah I definitely remember folks proposing this around the time that MotD came out.  It's interesting because @PINNAZ (I believe) pointed out that the afterlife icon is some sort of Native America shamanic symbol (I may be remembering that slightly wrong).  We tried finding similarities between the two electric forms, and could really only compare the fact that they both were... well... electric.

    Regardless, we were never able to really come to a conclusion because the BO2 cannon was so all over the place.  With BO2 theorizing became a lot harder in general, because the rules were changed to basically say that "anything is possible".

    edit: I've changed your title so it's less misleading.  

  6. @Lenne our new rule of thumb is that if its on CharlieIntel or MP1st (Activision sanctioned sites) - then it's not a leak. Those sites are in direct correlation from Activison, and would not post something detrimental to the relationship.  So if you are ever in question, checkout CharlieIntel and see if they have an article detailing it.

    Achievements come out early every year, this is nothing new.

    DOA is a great time killer. It's a perfect game for if you only have a limited time and can't do high rounds. Plus it pleases the oldies (like me) who grew up playing top down shooters like Smash TV.


    And our leak policy is not zero tolerance. The staff completely understands that companies use leaks and drip tactics for marketing, we are well aware it's a changed landscape and we are pro discussion.

  7. Man that means they were probably trying to get campaign to work on last gen right up until the last minute.

    So far I've bought BO3 twice - Jugg edition, and digital edition (so I can share w/ both xbones, AND so I can pre-load the game ahead of time).  Only 39 days!

  8. Would this LFG be only for BO3 by the way? It's not all that important but it would probably be beneficial to some people for this to work for the previous Black Ops games as well.

    Any Black Ops game, any platform, any map.

    It just now occured to me that after we initially release the LFG with all BO titles, we could add custom maps as well :mrgreen:

  9. Hey thanks for the welcome back guys :) - yeah I was able to recover my old account but I changed my gamertag on the Xbox so I have updated my Username on here to match that's all - hence why I have a join date of 2011 :D

    Im looking forward to it getting busy around here as well im literally so excited had it reordered for agesss was upset I couldn't get the fridge it had sold out :(

    you may remember me mainly used to jump on the xbox with people from here to do EEs and stuff really wish I still could play BO2 miss training those zombies :P

    ah yes I should have looked more closely haha. Well we are glad to have you back man. We are just on the cusp of launching a monumental new feature for codz (and for the zombie community itself) - our own LFG (or Looking For Game) application. Should streamline finding like minded people you want to play with as fast as possible.

  10. Still need to make my 2nd donation, excited to see progress.

    @Hells Warrrior in terms of specifics for what I'd like to see:

    - specific fields for play type: casual, high rounds, Easter egg, achievements, speed run, Research for Theorizing (I.e. Looking at stuff/ listening to stuff), feel free to add more.

    - play type fields can be combined (up to 3), with an option to include whether the host wants to stream/capture - or whether they are looking for someone to stream/capture.

    - also craig I know this is a point of contention between us, but I feel that people should be able to use the LFG function without having to make an account on codz forum. If we force everyone to make accounts here, then not only will we have an over flux of new users who will probably never use the forum - but to me it comes off as too pushy.

    this is a gift to the community, I believe that if we simply have people link their gamertag and then have the option to save that, it will be much more popular.  If they want to go through the effort of making an account then they have the community as their reward, but I think we should make the process as quick as possible to jump in and find a match.  People will appreciate that, and the free approach will yield passionate folks who WANT to join us.

    as I type this as well, I just came up with an idea - we could make it easy for them, and after they link their console and choose to save it, we could prompt them with "create account on codz". Just a thought.

    i know I'm blathering on here, but putting up a wall is not what we do. Let's make it free, let's open the floodgates, and let's truly give this to the community.

  11. So, will we get it or not?

    If not, we should lobby whoever is making the map to put it in the map

    no way to tell until the map comes out my man (or if we get some early gameplay).

    in terms of reaching out to 3arc, the best bet is twitter.

  12. In the Origins trailer, Takeo had a sword and Nikolai had an axe - neither made it into the map.

    In the CotD trailer, Trejo had dual wield machetes, England had a pitchfork, Rooker had dual sawed off shotguns - none of this made it into the map.

    It's not impossible, but we've seen it before and it's always just been for cinematic purposes.

    I would like to use a sword (or any kind of large melee weapon) to carve some zombs up though, complete with PaP upgrades and everything.  We've had staffs and special melee's in the past, it's certainly not unheard of.

  13. Yes, copyrights and the like can be tricky. Especially with youtube's growing sanctions against their own content creators. I remember when YouTube used to be about "you" - being creative, expressing yourself, having full reign to show your art. Now, it's all about the "tube" portion - how many likes and subs can you get? Let's put in ads! They essentially made it as profitable as possible, and in doing so killed the true soul of the site itself.

    lets hope that MMX can find either a new method, or new medium for AZT

  14. The lack of post count was not to deter from writing map concepts.  

    The original reason for having posts not count there ties into the "prestige/userbar" system we have.  We felt that because since prestige is linked with post count, that we should only make posts count where the majority of users communicate.

    its no secret that zombie labs is home to a handful of passionate users, but to us - regardless of how you split it, 3 or 4 people shouldn't be able to climb the prestige ranks without interacting with the rest of the community. I'm generalizing here, but I hope you get what I'm saying.

    I believe we left "likes" so you could show your support of the map ideas.

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