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Posts posted by Undead

  1. Der Riese always has and will hold a special place in my heart, and I am definitely interested in getting this map, but I'm almost always a  "original is best" kind of guy. I can download just his map via Steam for about 6 bucks. But just how is this map anyways? What's new? What's changed? Is it worth it?

  2. Long time no see CoDz!


    So I've finally joined the master race of PC, and in between work and soaking up the wide range of new games, I've spent a great amount of time revitalizing the hype I had for games I enjoyed even in their vanilla state and always hold a special place in my heart by modding them to my liking and give them a bit of a polished makeover if you will. And since I've felt back into the L4D world, what better way than bringing a little Zombies into the world? Here's a taste of my current set up:
















    ... And so much more! Including Samantha as the Witch or the Crawlers as the Hunter, various sound and music files etc.


    A complete collection can be downloaded via Steam here:




    God I love PC...


  3. Okay so here's the drill....


    Undad here plans to get a booth come next Gaming Con near me. So, I am doing some random fandom across video games. From new and popular, to fan-favorites and nostalgic and lovable and so on. Right now, I'm wrapping up a couple Overwatch pieces given it's what's hot and new right now. But what would my soon-to-be collection of prints be without some Zombies fan art?


    So I come to you, the experts of Aether for ideas. I need some solid ideas for Zombie artwork. Not just something that looks cool, but that grabs concept of Zombies and would be immediately familiar to your casual and hardcore players and fans. Whether it's one subject/character, or dozens, I need ideas in general.


    Aaaaaaand GO!



  4. This whole "lets pick a favorite and give it a new coat of paint then sell it again" idea is getting old. Half of the last map pack of BO II was nothing but re-imagined layouts of "fan favorite" maps from the Black ops before that. Instead of being lazy, just make more small maps. Nuketown is cool and all for a fast-paced chaotic game, but it's now being done for the THIRD time over.

  5. Hello CoDz, it's been a minute.

    Hopefully the staff doesn't mind me selecting this forum for this, but given my brother and I recently dusted off CoD and played some zombies as of late, I figured I'd pop in here and see who's still kicking it while everyone eagerly awaits another Treyarch season for the first time in several years now. And thus, got me thinking and brought me to this and doing what I do best, doodle.

    The title says it all. On behalf of nearing the next 3arc and Zombies season, one of YOU will be selected to win your own requested CoDz related fan art commission gratis from yours truly. 

    Need some sample pieces? have a look:




    If you're interested, entering the drawing for this commission is simple. Just confirm your entry here in this very thread and I will add your name to a list. Everyone will be assigned a number and I will select the winner via random number selection generator. Once a winner has been chosen, they will PM me the details desired in their commission so I may begin drawing their piece. 

    Admissions will be accepted till August 1st.

    Good luck and happy slaying!


    The yellow masks remind me of those Minion things.

    lol you wouldn't be the first. We took on yellow as the crew color given the friends we met and originally recruited wore all yellow, and so did my brother. So it became the thing to represent with yellow masks, gloves, accessories and shoes of any variety. Then one of them mentioned we looked like minions.

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