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  1. I always loved Der Riese mainly for it's versatility and size. So I'm sure regardless I'll enjoy it. I just wasn't sure if they drastically changed anything at all or it was just more of a modern "remastered" version of Der Riese

  2. Der Riese always has and will hold a special place in my heart, and I am definitely interested in getting this map, but I'm almost always a  "original is best" kind of guy. I can download just his map via Steam for about 6 bucks. But just how is this map anyways? What's new? What's changed? Is it worth it?

  3. Well I'll be damned... my boys are growing up so fast! *proud undad tear*


    It's warming to see some familiar faces becoming the faces around these parts. Well deserved no doubt, congrats gents!

  4. The more of these CoD games there are, the more I miss the originals. The CoD series was truly at its prime between CoD 4 and the first Black Ops. Mainly because everything was original back then. I just can't help but feel like BO 3 is going to be nothing more than "the best of Black Ops series meets AW"

  5. This whole "lets pick a favorite and give it a new coat of paint then sell it again" idea is getting old. Half of the last map pack of BO II was nothing but re-imagined layouts of "fan favorite" maps from the Black ops before that. Instead of being lazy, just make more small maps. Nuketown is cool and all for a fast-paced chaotic game, but it's now being done for the THIRD time over.

  6. Just @Lenne huh? That's disappointing. 

    Well, considering you DID just become UOTM, I suppose you're a fitting winner anyways.

    Hit me up via PM when you've got an idea in mind and we'll collaborate on your very own Zombies piece that everyone will envy because they are lame and did not enter.

  7. Hello CoDz, it's been a minute.

    Hopefully the staff doesn't mind me selecting this forum for this, but given my brother and I recently dusted off CoD and played some zombies as of late, I figured I'd pop in here and see who's still kicking it while everyone eagerly awaits another Treyarch season for the first time in several years now. And thus, got me thinking and brought me to this and doing what I do best, doodle.

    The title says it all. On behalf of nearing the next 3arc and Zombies season, one of YOU will be selected to win your own requested CoDz related fan art commission gratis from yours truly. 

    Need some sample pieces? have a look:




    If you're interested, entering the drawing for this commission is simple. Just confirm your entry here in this very thread and I will add your name to a list. Everyone will be assigned a number and I will select the winner via random number selection generator. Once a winner has been chosen, they will PM me the details desired in their commission so I may begin drawing their piece. 

    Admissions will be accepted till August 1st.

    Good luck and happy slaying!


    For all those on 360, a new player has entered the realm of GTA Online. Add me if you haven't already. I've already seen @DeathBringerZen a few times.


    Hey man. Yeah, I got your invites last night but was in the middle of doing a heist unfortunately. If you want to join up with us for some heisting later this evening I will be on. More than welcome to join us.



    @DeathBringerZen, I literally invited you to a heist just as you signed off last night :P


    I've been doing heists even before level 14 BTW. I think it just means I have to be Rank 14 to start my own heists. So I successfully completed the prison break heist and bought a 10 car apartment with the payload.


    However, we will need to work out a way to show DBZ as a staff member for these sections, 




    Why not just make him a full-fledged moderator? I'm all for promoting members for excellence and expertise in specific sections, but in a way, all mods have their specialties. 


    Anyhow, congrats DBZ! You've certainly earned it to say the least. :)

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