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  1. This is the best description of "Beware of the six" that i have read yet. I am sure it is not something as simple as chupa ^^ is describing. It is never simple with treyarch and this story line, they have proven that with every map. We are still discovering things on der riese and the other maps...

    I'm sure as people begin to dig into the story of Ascension, we will have a much clearer understanding.

  2. Trust me everybody. This DBlock guy is full of crap. Think about it Dblock and japattak10 have both somehow experienced the same thing were you played ascension after installing the original zombie maps. Then tell me this lol. Seriously it cant get anymore obvious. Dblock and Japattak10 both joined this forum on January 5th 2011. They Both wrote there stories in red text. Each Story began with the Word... Okay. and even they can't give us pictures. And now there is a third guy who experienced it. Don't remember his user name but.... he says he saw the samething. And he said he only played the map for about 10 mins. And on his post he actually remembered all of Nikolai's quotes word for word. Come on now!!! Think about it!!! your playing black ops.... Ascension Pops up... I don't think I will be trying to remember the characters quotes... I think that I would just be amazed of what I am looking at and trying to get video of it.

    I was in chat w/ dblock when he initially spoke of playing the ascension map. I am not saying he is right or wrong, but he was very convincing and spoke in alot of detail about the map. It is very likely that this could have happened, so with that in mind, refrain from being so blunt. If he is lieing, fine, we will all call him out on it when we know for sure in a month. And if he is telling the truth, well, then your just the smacked ass making yourself sound like an idiot.

  3. look at the roof there are thousands of holes in it, if the zombie dies it floats away to the air, the dude has billions of mods that are on, its fake ( and probally gay)

    Very possible that you are right. Also a possibility that you are wrong. For future reference the best way to prove someone wrong is to research the topic, gather facts, and make a conclusion based on those facts. I agree that it is probably nothing, but don't jump to conclusions so quickly.

    I will try to recreate it tonight, and will post my findings accordingly.

  4. Figured I would revive this for you a little since you never received a direct answer to your question. First of all, I really have no idea what it is exactly. There was speculation that it was Morse Code for, "Are you there?" And was accepeted for a short time, but has since been disproved. Recent speculation has been morse code for "SOS". Still not 100% sure.

    I would really like to get to the bottom of this, since it has to be pertinent to the story. I know a guy who can do no clip, I will ask him to look into it and see if we can get a video up. I can't imagine that this hasn't been done yet, but I haven't seen it anywhere...

  5. I see both tortured screaming face on the right seemingly blending into the center pic of alien guy and the dark v thing on the upper left but I don't think it's a v but more of a spike going down don't know what it means tho maybe the v thing is just a design and something that happened to be there

    actually the dark v thing, symbolizes a crack in the ceiling. look at the direct link, so you can zoom in to that area. you will actually see two crawlers faces and arms pulling themselves through...it took me a week to see that, but when i did, i realized this was very deliberate/

  6. Guys... Disect this picture a bit more...the second one in particular. Enlarge it zoom in on it or just study it more....there more here than originally meets the eye. Ex) upper left hand corner the picture, slightly right from that corner, you see a dark spot in the wall. Shaped like a dark v or u, what do we see peering through the darkness? Crawlers coming through a whole in the ceiling. Its there guys no argument to be had. The image is clear.

    There's alot more going on to the right of our creature friend. I will not disclose all since u guys should be scouring this shit. But Samantha's face is on there. There are many faces... All over.

    If someone has a capture card, or can record it from their pc. Go to the location I described in my original post and record or peek around the mp40 room where you will see this particular wall texture in many diferent locations. We need to get a better quality shot than just a picture from my iPhone.

    link so you can expand the picture...

    http://i277.photobucket.com/albums/kk62 ... 2a4c19.jpg

  7. No your not going insane. much like those rorschach test, people see different images of the same picture... although you are seeing the same thing I am seeing, some bird like creature with arm, legs and some big head dress.

    All i can really see is just some dude in shades and a dress with a huge afro, my girlfriend here said it is a ink image, folded in half, to produce a symetrical image, known as The Rorschach Test, its typically stery(spelling?)otyped for "crazy people"

    i dont really think this has much relevance to cod, or zombies, maybe just a funny texture one of the dovelopers decided to put in for a laugh?

    but you never know.

    I agree w/ your gf's observation of the rorschach test from the perspective that some people will be seeing the image differently than others. although that is normal... this isn't set up as a rorschach test. I have looked into the texture further and have found it throughout the entire kino map. It is definitely a wall texture being used with purpose. There are other areas that it is located with better lighting than the original one that i found. Ex) mp40 room... there are at least 6 or 7 different instances in that room alone.

  8. it stands for "aether projection". you can see reference to this throughout many of the zombie maps..."Return through the Aether." The Aether is where Samantha and Dr. Maxis are supposedly trapped in after the teleportation from der riese.

  9. I see an alien in the first one, and some sort of tortured, screaming face in the second, like something out of Verruckt.

    good pick up on the tortured screaming face. i did see that as well just didn't include it since I feel like im graping at alot of straws here. that tortured face is just to the right of the headress on this creature look a little bit lower to the left and you will see what im talking about.

    I feel like it has some kind of beak under its eyes. I have a feeling this creature....whatever it is, may be able to fly

  10. im sure the numbers have alot to do with ascension but have been unable to decipher them fully yet. I have checked them as coordinates and have them saved in my phone. The coordinates i have come up with are in cameroon and okene, nigeria... I have no idea if this is what the number sequence are supposed to be though. I don't have the numbers in front of me but I do have them at home and will post them later. What I did notice right off the bat is the sequence of 7's I have taken that as the beginning and end of each coordinate. I don't have a ton of experience with this, so I can only make my best guess at this point.

  11. I saw this while playing with a couple buddies on kino...and they both quickly made the same reference to clothing of the ancient. I have not spent much time thinking about this beside placing the photos up for discussion, but if the history of zombies tells us anything treyarch has placed many messages and images in the story that have shown upcoming creatures and plot lines etc... ex) the nova 6 crawlers, flashed images, in the teleporters on der riese.

    These images on the wall are not blatently in your face for good reason im sure, but could there be a point in which we go back even further in time... or could this be alien, not little green men alien but alien non the less. I understand we are talking zombies here but the meteor rock itself is "alien"; coming from another world not our own. whats to say we don't see creatures from this other world as well.

    Plus, some of you have pointed out the images of mario or faces below this creature, which i originally did not see. this could just be the texture of the wall i guess. but again these look like actual faces not just texture styles. so with that in mind you have a creature standing atop of human heads, possible reference to a "boss zombie that can take out an entire team"...

    Im just spinning wheels here guys, but lets try and roll with this some. My PSN is IronWalnutz i would love to continue the search with some extra help... hit me up

  12. Hi,

    on the bottom pic a can see Super Marios Face in the middle :lol:

    Maybe im stupid or blind, maybe both, i dont see anything... sorry :?

    didnt even notice that before but i see what you r saying. the image is closer to the top of the picture that i took. its very obvious to me but who knows maybe im seeing things myself. hopefully not though. i will try and do some editing with the photo to pull out exactly what im talking about.

  13. All I see is a wall and a switch?

    look a little closer or better yet sit back from your sceen some. there is a face with somekind of headress upon it... i have posted this on another forum and someone is seeing a lighthouse which interest me. This is from my iphone4 so you will see it better if you jump on kino and locate it yourself

  14. I have not seen a single soul discuss these images before. They are in the room with manhattan down strewn across the floor and one of the meteor rocks. Make a left when you go through the doorway coming from the double stairs. the firt image is directly n front of you the second will be driectly to your left. discuss, this is NEW shit!!

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