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  1. Since I didn't have Brawl, decided to watched all the cutscenes of it on Youtube. I thought it was pretty cool and really well done. Got excited at what they could do for the Wii U version but apparently there isn't going to be any, or not as big as Brawls at least. That's a shame.


    Yeah given the Subspace from Brawl was pretty much a one time play for most people to unlock the characters they decided to go back to the old Melee style of story. In a way I like it because it means they can make some characters really hard to unlock like with Melee. In other ways it sucks because the Subspace was pretty badass.



  2. Neither. For the course I'm doing, Radio Production, Oxford and Cambridge are not good at all because they don't have the resources. They're more academic Uni's than creative. I'm going to USW in Cardiff. It's a very new and very modern Uni so it's about as up to date as it gets which is perfect for me.


    Also I adore the Welsh accent so that's always a bonus :P



  3. Ok in terms of how we over-celebrate athletes I could not agree more. I am a big fan of football, but every bone in my body disagrees with the money in it. If I were given the choice, of course I would take it from sports and throw it into more worthwhile causes. However I don't think it's fair to say that people who like nerdier things always get ostracized for liking what they do. Nerd culture these days is even bigger than any other culture. I see more people all over social media going crazy about the latest Marvel movie than about the World Cup.


    Honestly, I feel like the worst ostracization (is that even a word?) in the gaming/nerd/geek/whatever you want to call it culture comes from within rather than from the outside these days. I saw some truly terrible things at Comic Con last month. Also, I've seen more people complaining about the World Cup and the people who enjoy it than I have people outside our community complain about anything going on in here. Sure, it's more in your face, but that's just because there is such a large following. If roles were reversed and the CoD world championships were bringing in the following that football does, it'd be that in your face every time it comes around. The following is there, THAT is why there is so much hype.



  4. But it works in the same way as gaming, or anything with a fanbase. Some people who like sport don't understand how someone can get so excited by E3, or Comic Con or the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I get sometimes the media can overhype things, I really do, but honestly just because YOU don't enjoy something, doesn't mean thousands of others can't be open with their enjoyment. It just so happens that sport is generally something that draws in a much bigger following than what you enjoy. I for one love football (soccer to you American folk) and have had no issues thus far with the coverage of the World Cup. It's all about perspective.



  5. Yeah. And we put down Sad Little Samantha and it earned his IP a ban so he can't even view the forums anymore. I can't believe this actually needs saying. No TAMB. Ever. I don't care if it's just for fun or a joke he is not to be on these forums. Anyone caught giving him access will have their balls removed and fed to our resident Hellhound.



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