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Posts posted by RedDeadRiot

  1. "My dreams are haunted by a man in shadow, i fear this vision may be important of our destruction" -Takeo

    Lots of really juicy stuff in those radios from about four minutes on. Maxis name drops the rift.....says He got Samantha back....I'm so confused.

    Timeline, I don't think The Giant comes after Origins UNLESS they ended the apocalypse in a different dimension then come back to it. There's gotta be a way to open a rift in The Giant, I'm sure of it now.

  2. Shoutout to the fine folks over at /r/CODZombies and of course @LiamFTWinter

    The scraps found in Der Riese have been pieced together to make the following picture!


    To me, the immage appears to be the KN-44 inside of what appears to be a box, within a ball. The smaller circles around the outside of the main picture appear to look like Suns, and the planets that orbit them, with some random other schematic designs around the outside. Blueprints appear to be designed by one "Dr. Monty" (Gobblegum/perk inventor it seems like).

    To me, this appears like some type of schematic for either wall guns, or the PaP. No real reasoning behind that other than it's the only thing that really makes sense :0.

    It appears there is more than meets the eye with this particular document. Speculation, like the following, seems to insist that it is hinting at how many dimensions we are currently dealing with.

    (From r/CODZombies user bigthagen87)

    For what it's worth, the two cube's shown are 4D cubes, or hypercubes. The figure in the bottom left is an unfolded hypercube.

    Edit: Furthering on this, this suggests 4 dimensions. So, the four drawings of universes in each corner could be some kind of clue. The one in the top left could be one dimension, with two universes.

    Edit2: Same would go for the bottom right - two universes, one dimension.


    Let's  hear your thoughts below!

  3. Love it, love the sense of strategy you can put into it (different packs for different Strats/# of players) and how it changes the game enough to make it a viable mechanic, but doesn't reallllly hurt too much (imagine getting all perks on a throwaway playthrough, again where customizing packs comes in handy).

    Was hoping they would include Wildcards again but this is a great way to (at least)  temporarily swing the game in our favors.

  4. 1 hour ago, Cunambula said:

    Learn the Map !!! ,  I PaP on round 5 every time !!!!   round fricking Five !!!!!   If thats too hard , you need alot of practice,  only thing you really need is to figure out the fastest/cheapest/best method to getting the 4 rituals fast. If done right you can start filling the egg(s)  on 6 or 7.


    Too hard ?  Man , new maps make people say crazy things :)

    I assume you're playing solo? Again, solo is no issue. With groups of four, and the way zombies spawn and herd up so quickly it makes it near impossible to keep a group together OR to train in four different spots on the map, or perform all the rituals by round 5.

  5. 1 minute ago, shirtlesservice said:

    Exactly, once you learn the map well and know where to go and where everything is, the learning curve gets a hell of a lot better.

    No, it's ridiculous haha.  It's impossible to make it past 13 with 4 without PaP, and they made it ridiculous to access PaP.

    3 people, it's a little easier. But with four people, and the way zombies can mass spawn around any corner without warning kinda makes it unplayable. It does get easier as you learn the map i agree but My team and I have passed the  "Where are things" stage and are onto the stratting side and it's impossible to even build a good strat at times.

  6. Well, I'm sure that most of us are ass deep in zombie guts right now, but in an effort to unlock Nightmares mode, I decided to try and power through the campaign on normal difficulty (me n my mates will begin Co-Op veteran tomorrow). I'm 5 missions deep, and just completed the Hypocenter. Was just wondering what people have thought of the campaign so far? I like it, i love the new sense of openness that allows you to attack however you would like. Some of the new mechanics are great, i love taking control of enemy tech and murdering them all with it :p. The cast so far is great, I'm a huuuuuge SVU fan so seeing Chris Meloni in my favorite game is a treat. I've only ran into one bug/glitch so far, where an Ally mech unit that was needed to advance in a level got stuck on a rock and i had to restart the entire level about 75% through, which was obviously frustrating, All in all, I'd give it a solid A so far, will update when I complete.

    Post your thoughts, likes and dislikes below! Keep this a SPOILER FREE thread!

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