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Posts posted by RedDeadRiot

  1. 13 minutes ago, Nightmare Voyager said:

    The theme they play for Snoke is the theme they play when Palpatine tells Anakin about Plagueis, Snoke has a scar, has a similar title to Palpatine and Plagueis could easily come back to life. There is no way it isn't him really.

    I still think I am right about the next movie following their paths and showing their training in the dark and light sides of the force, I won't really believe otherwise considering thats how they set it up. Kylo is a brilliant character though, he is so conflicted but in the way that Anakin wasn't. He wants to be bad, but he knows the good inside of him is their so he is trying to rid himself of it, hence killing his father.


    Also only Skywalkers are that force sensitive because of them descending from Anakin, she can't not be a Skywalker of some sort.

    How could Plagueis "easily" come back from life? Nothing ever has said that people could be brought back from death. This is 30 years after Vaders death, and Vader never would have revived him because of the rule of two so there would have been nobody powerful enough to do it. Anakin was born via midichlorians, no reason another lineage couldn't have been created somehow. Luke could be powerful enough, and could have relied on it to create someone powerful enough to fight the threat that was born from his own Padiwan.  You can't just say things can be done when nothing in the story hints to it even being possible. I know we're swinging at curve balls with a 30 year gap in the storyline but come on lol.

  2. Eh, Plaguies is dead lol. 

    Kylo is so thirsty for power that I think we see the same evolution of a character that we saw in Anakin in RotS, albeit with Kylo obviously already having committed himself to the dark side. But someone who goes deeper and deeper down the hole. I feel like Kylo won't be able to complete whatever training that Snoke has in store for him, so he will take him out in a rage that was clearly shown during TFA. THAT would create for a better plot, because now you have a person who may still be struggling internally with what he is, and now he's killed both father figures in his life (assuming Snoke has that effect on him) leaving his internal struggle to be dealt with himself. Creating a character with control over the First Order, but isn't deserving of it and he knows it. Not to mention not being able to fully live up to his idea of Vaders legacy. Add all those up and you've got a character who's almost as unpredictable as Anakin was. Kylo has a lot of internal conflict but not in the same way we saw it with Anakin. I think Kylo grows to hate himself and it ultimately leads to the First Orders downfall, but the revival of the Sith. 

     As far as Rey goes, I think her path parallels Lukes. She's coming into her force powers at a very late age, but she is obviously very strong with it. It's an interesting dynamic with her backstory though because it could go so many different ways. I'm still against the secret family thing but that's just because I think it's played out, nothing against the theories behind it just my opinion. She was obviously placed into hiding by someone, and there is a strong chance that she's a family from that "inner circle" of OG Trilogy characters, forshadowed by Maz Kanata when she very confidently tells Rey her family isn't coming back. 

     It'll be interesting how the story goes that's for sure, they left a lot to guessing games. 



    Knights of Ren are weak, if that is the new foe while the Jedi are re established it won't take long to take out Kylo and Snoke. If the SITH are behind it however, and at the core of the First Order it makes for a good storyline for the next two movies. 


    I think Kylo kills Snoke to complete his training and takes on an apprentice and starts the SITH back up. If he idolizes vader as much as he says that's how it'll go down. As far as Rey goes I'm not sure where to go with it. Maybe she was born from Midichlorian manipulation like Anakin was. Not sure. The whole secret family thing is played out so I hope she's not a Solo.

  4. 12 hours ago, InfestLithium said:

    This post gave me confusion.

    I figured something was not right when the Player calls himself "Taylor". It feels like Treyarch looked at their twisted scenarios in Black Ops and re-introduced them to create an even crazier plot twist. In the words of Robot Chicken, "WHAT A TWIST!".

    After reading several comments across the interwebs about the ending, someone brought up the idea that the Player purging their DNI evidently entangled Taylor's mind with the Player's. And to be honest I would love for that to be the case if the journals hadn't existed. But because they do and explicitly tell of the Player's death, it rustles my jimmies.


    Great job breaking my mind, Treyarch.

    I also noticed similar plot lines with the first BO campaign. 

  5. 39 minutes ago, NaBrZHunter said:

    But something like that would be re-activatible the following round, if done incorrectly. It wouldn't make any sense that, if activated in the wrong order, you had to restart the game to try again. I've even tried in coop to activate them as Richtofen, wait a couple rounds, and have another character try, but to no avail. They activate only once. Like in Ascension, they're clues to the fact that there is something that can be done. 

    Damn lol.

    I haven't had time to do any egg hunting with my busy ass week. Gunna do SOE egg tonight and swing at it this weekend.

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