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  2. 1. Alone takes this one because, frankly, having scarcely listened to either, I do know I enjoyed Alone, but not so much The Well 3. 115 vs The One Such a hard choice, but I have to give it to The One for being the song I credit with my interest in the depth of the Zombies storyline. Powerful song. 4. Shockwave has drilled itself into my soul. Despite spending weeks worth of hour making a video on it, I still love it. “Abracadavre is a song about questioning what death actually is. That’s what that is. Abracadabra is the idea that death is mag
  3. 1. I Am The Well 2. Abracadavre 3. 115 4. Shockwave I am sorry, I am too based to explain anything
  4. Do I get to make the executive decision? (My first post here ever ) 1. I Am The Well 2. Abracadavre 3. The One 4. Mystery
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  6. We literally cannot progress with both matchups tied, that's insane
  7. Vote or get turned into a zombie! I don't want any coinflips at this stage.
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  9. I wanna know the whole story I love that its a story to it I always dream of seeing it come yo life n or be part of it to omma give it a go
  10. We also have a discord where we discuss the story a lot, feel free to join, link expires after one day so if it doesn't work, just ask for another: https://discord.gg/J7DxVkDH
  11. Oh yeah, there's a pretty big expansive story to it all, Cold Wars zombie story is a sequel of sorts to the Aether storyline which was shown in [email protected], Bo1, 2, 3, and 4. Like others have said, going through the Intel is the best way to get a grasp of the story up to this point on your own, but if you want a more concise recap of the Dark Aether story, I recommend watching this video: https://youtu.be/hbg4CawQV2w
  12. I always love the zombie games from cod but never knew there was a story to it....i always felt like something like this happened or might happen or never kno at all "CONSPIRACY" feels intense to me
  13. Welcome! As @anonymous says the ingame intel is definitely your best place to start!
  14. We have two ties so I'm giving until Friday to vote.
  15. Thorougly enjoyed it, nicely done. So cool that the two main stories are so different, Schuster's part being more alike to Book 1 and Ultimis' part being vastly different. I think I said it before but you can really "live into" your characters. I automatically hear the voices of Ultimis upon reading their part, and I know exactly what type Schuster and Bush are.
  16. Then you are at the right place, welcome to CoDZ! Are you familiar with previous parts of the Zombies story? Have you listened to some Intel already?
  17. Ich muss meinen Senf auch dazugeben. 1. I am the Well. I would give my reasoning, but I am afraid most of you, would banish me in a dimension without internet or something. 2. Abracadavre. Still gives me the same chills as it did when I first heard it. 3. The one. Same, @Carnage Evokerit was and still kinda is so enchanting to listen to. 4. Shockwave. Cause it is catchy as f*ck for me. haha Sorry, pasta brother Rad, for not participating in earlier rounds this time around.
  18. Chapter 4: "Remember Forever" Chapter 5: "It Came Out Of The Sky" Pygmalion Film Reel Transcript Also, just wanna say here that going forward because of those unreleased Group 601 images I'm changing Group 601 to be the name of Maxis' alliance with the Nazis rather than my previous explanation in Book 1. I will eventually go back and fix Book 1 to reflect this. Anyhow, enjoy!
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  20. 1. I Am The Well 2. The Gift 3. 115 4. Shockwave
  21. Better late than never, @PoppaQuad I'll read about the meat shower only if there are spleens involved. : P
  22. Neat, so you have created an account. You may find yourself actually making a real post or theory one time, you filthy parasite
  23. Abolish mods. Reject theory. Return to monkee
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