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Created a 100% Replica of DE with Boss Fight EE

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Welcome this map was built by me and  took me almost a month to build, this includes


• Testing glitches (preventing players to escape the horror)


• Full EE implemented with a Boss fight (we couldnt add the original EE but it's a simple but complex ee to figure out because we had to imolement the correct steps to get to the boss fight)


• Full on Steps for elemental Bows steps


• Payment Door System (each door costs a certain amount of flesh after killing zombies this is our replacement point system)


• Traps included (death ray is now in the map witch i thought did really well)


• Pack-A-Punch (requires all dragons to open certain pap spots to be open)


• Power Implemented (as you know DE has some doors you need power to enter and we implemented that)


• Trans system ( can recieve either a part needed or a special reward in each cart) and more view videos below!



View Preview


View Official Trailer


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