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If you're getting a tiny bit bored of black ops 3, then I can help with that. I have many

challenges in place for just this occasion!

game: black ops 2

title: cowboy challenge

allowed guns:the executioner, python and Olympia.

map: all

notes: of going for a high round I would recommend double tap root beer. All perks are allowed, pap is allowed, you can use the monkey bombs but not the emp grenades.


game: black ops 3

title: all aboard

allowed guns: all

map: shadows of evil

 notes: in this challenge you are not allowed to leave the train. I would recommend purchasing the bootlegger of the side of the train. You are allowed to get off the train every 7 rounds for one round only because of the

number the of objectives in the map

let me know how far you got in these challenges and tell me if you have a better one!

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