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What happens in Siberia, stays in Siberia?

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These audio-recordings have been found from abandoned Siberian outpost and are believed to be recorded by a member of so called Group 935.

First recording:

Date:         --, --, 1945
Subject:     Comms.

    We finally achieved to get the communications operational again, only to hear that punch of fancy suitmen are in submarine on their way here. I knew the Russian investors were coming sooner or later after the Germans cut the funding of 935, but not this soon, the machine is completely incomplete! I have no time for precise calibration, I just have to put the plates back and hit random numbers in and hope.. No, pray.. that the item disappears when the power is activated. This funding is crucial for the international teleportation grid and I'm the responsible should this presentation fail. I know no-one in 935 who has ever failed, and the reason behind that scares me. May the odds be in my favour.

Second recording: 

Date:         Does not matter
Subject:    The good and the bad news

    We got the money. But I fear I have done the greatest mistake in my life. While I was hastly putting the machine back together I got a small scratch in my hand, probably from one of the metal plates, and I didn't notice it before ending my work. This is more than bad news for I had been working with The Element for the whole day. I fear I have been infected. No one must know. I have to find a cure. If The Element causes what I have heard, it must also somehow work against it. I will start experimenting with myself immediately.

Third recording:

Date:        2 weeks after the infection
Subject:    Breakthrough!

    I believe I have made a breakthrough. It's about damn time, my whole left hand has lost its skin and is completely covered in dead cells. Anyhow, I succeeded in combining Element one-fifteen with water by electrifying ice to extremes and then melting it with the warm Element. This orange liquid is much more neutral compared to its origin and it is my last change before the dead cells reach my neck and my co-workers will notice my strange condition. I will take a syringe and insert it into my hand as I record this. *quiet sounds of pain and long silence* I- I've done it! The liquid cured the dead cells in mere seconds! This is incredible! I must research this further, this might be the greatest invention since the teleporters of the Der Riese!

Fourth recording:

Date:        2 months after the cure
Subject:    Immortality

    After testing the liquid I know call "Lazarus" on myself, I took the testing further. I dug up some of our passed away co-workers at night and injected the liquid into them. They did not wake from the dead as my wild mind had predicted, but their almost completely decomposed bodies returned to their old, normal form. It appears that the liquid restores body to its top state but doesn't reignite the life inside someone. I also experimented the liquids other properties and found out that it almost seems to have a mind of its own! I only had to spray it into air near a body and it sought out and inserted itself. This lead to me making the V-R11. It is a device designed to spray Lazarus up to 30 feet! With its ability to heal wounds and dead cells this might turn out to be a huge advantage on military operations in the future! I have to get myself away from this wretched and cold place before anyone finds out what I have been doing and why the teleporter is still under construction. I must contact the doctors in Germany.

I have heard that my men have found more of these recordings in various places, and I will update them to this post should they appear in my hands.

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I am loving these. The Lazarus thing is cool, it reminds me of my storyline I kind of started with Forge about a character named Lazarus. This is interesting, it has the potential to even have a map explaining some of it. Like a concept which i know you kind of like doing.

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