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The next history

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Imrc4t987    0

Recently we have the zombies time line and we can see that the story repeat always,but if maxis change the history, how:

If he didn't make the group 935 all the story change and Japan's people are the ones that study the 115, so the next story can be in japan: new weapons and we can see new special weapons, a new story, a new beginning, new characters, and a possibility that in one map finishing the Easter egg a nuke repeat the 2 Great War history only imagine that we can have a new call of duty world at war 2, but in this case the story is in Japan.

Pt:I'm sorry because parts of my writing don't have sense I'm still studying english

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Stronghold    0

Personally I prefer the continuous story, but if he had to have a new, japan does not disturb me at all!

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