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Guest CorporalTankDempsey

A Dieing Soldier's Message

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Guest CorporalTankDempsey

I came across a soldier, It was too late to do anything, but he made me promise to give the remaining survivors this message.

"There were just too many of them. A Hell Hound took out a huge chunk of my thigh and I’m losing blood fast. There’s not too much time left, so I’ll pass on what I know. The Pack A Punch machine. Apparently you can put in practically any weapon into this thing and out comes a super powerful version of your weapon. This is great news for us – I just hope you last long enough to use it.

Pass this info on to HQ. It’s the full list of weapon upgrades. And good luck against the undead – I got a bad feeling you’ll need it…"

He then proceded to hand me this piece of paper, including a list of every upgraded gun they had in their arsenal.


30 Cal => B115 accelerator

BAR => The Widow Maker

Colt 45 => C-3000 b1at-ch35

Shotgun Double Barreled => 24 Bore long range

Shotgun Double Barreled Sawed Grip => The Snuff Box

FG42 => 420 Impeller

Gewehr43 = > G115 Compressor

M1A1 Carbine => Widdershins RC-1

M1Garand => M1000

MG42 => Barracuda FU-A11

MP40 => The Afterburner

.357 Magnum => .357 Plus 1 K1L-u

PPSh-41 => The Reaper

Shotgun => Gut Shot

STG-44 => Spatz-447 +

Thompson => Gibs-o-matic

Type 100 => 1001 Samurais

Type 99 => The Eviscerator

Panzerschrek => Longinus

PTRS-41 => The Penetrator

M7 Launcher => The Imploder

Kar98k => Armageddon

Ray Gun => Porter’s X2 Ray Gun

Wunderwaffe DG-2 => Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ

M2 Flamethrower => FIW Nitrogen cooled


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