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Guest MrRoflWaffles

Elements 114 and 116 named! "Flerovium" and "Livermorium".

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Guest MrRoflWaffles

[center:3d7zq3ct]The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry have approved the newly named Elements - Flerovium (symbol Fl) and Livermorium (symbol Lv).

They both exist for less than a second before decaying into lighter atoms, but they bring researchers a step closer to making even heavier elements that are predicted to be stable for decades or longer, forming a fabled "island of stability" in the periodic table.



Standard Atomic Weights:

Flerovium: 289.

Livermorium: 293.

Remember, Hydrogen weights roughly 1.

The name Flerovium is in honour of 'Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions' where superheavy elements are synthesised.

Georgiy N. Flerov (1913 – 1990) – was a renowned physicist, author of the discovery of the spontaneous fission of uranium (1940, with Konstantin A. Petrzhak), pioneer in heavy-ion physics, and founder in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (1957). It is an especially appropriate choice because, since 1991 this laboratory in which the element was synthesized, has borne his name. Professor G.N. Flerov is known also for his fundamental work in various fields of physics that resulted in the discovery of new phenomena in properties and interactions of the atomic nuclei; these have played a key role in the establishment and development of many areas of further research.

Livermorium honours the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

A group of researchers of this Laboratory with the heavy element research group of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions took part in the work carried out in Dubna on the synthesis of superheavy elements including element 116. Over the years scientists at Livermore have been involved in many areas of nuclear science: the investigation of fission properties of the heaviest elements, including the discovery of bimodal fission, and the study of prompt gamma-rays emitted from fission fragments following fission, the investigation of isomers and isomeric levels in many nuclei and the investigation of the chemical properties of the heaviest elements.



So, from this point onwards, we won't have to refer to the mysterious hundred and fourteenth element as "114" or "Ununquadium" - we now have a name for it, and a name for 116 too!

Yes, this is not an actual zombies theory but it is certainly related in terms of the elements that're mixed up with the storyline.

- Waffles[/center:3d7zq3ct]

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Guest way2g00

Nice work Waffles. I see you are preparing for your chemistry Paper :lol: [brains]

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Guest Poptart

Which brings up the question, why just those 2 and not include 115?

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