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Guest Monopoly Mac

Necromancy and the M.P.D

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Guest Monopoly Mac

A brief overview of the MPD

The MPD is a black pyramid device that is said to be a gateway to the Aether. It was built long ago, possibly before the Great Deluge. I believe that the main purpose of it was to imprison an entity with in the Aether and make sure that it never escaped.

The pyramid is not only a prison but also a broadcast station that broadcasts... to the dead.


Necromancy is the art of raising the dead and controlling their spirits. It is considered the blackest of Black Magic by some because it goes against nature . Necromancy is one of the few things practices considered "Black Magic".



-Demon summoning

Many of these Black Magic practices are present in the storyline. Immortality has been played with by Dr.Maxis and his undead army was the result. I feel as though Samantha was cursed by Richtofen when she was given the 115 toys. Finally, we might as well have summoned a demon after we helped Edward switch souls with Samantha. After the switch, the entity inside the Aether was able to have full control of the world.

This pyramid was originally made as a way to imprison an Aryan but the corruption inside allowed it to also be used as a tool for necromancy. We can communicate with dead spirits such as Gersch or Maxis because the pyramid stops them from passing on to the next life. It almost seem to me like the only way to stop this corruption is to enter the underworld and kill the Kingpin.


Much of this is speculation on my part but I have no doubt that the MPD is a tool of necromancy. So the next time you run past that pyramid, you look at it and quote Takeo Masaki.

"Work your Black Magic!"

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Quite interesting and solid theory, good job :)

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