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Guest moshnjuggalo13

zombie game ideas

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Guest moshnjuggalo13

yo so i was thinking what if they took core games such as free for all and team deathmatch and made them zombie style ... it would be sweet you play the normal game but throw the computer zombies in to make it more of a strategic map , you need to defend yourself from undead while trying to kill the living

or even capture the flag would be cool, again throwing in the zombies making it difficult but also have less ammo like sticks n stones

last idea off the top of my head, what if with the bigger engine that zombies now has, allowed for gameplay where one team is soliders an another is the zombies trying to defend and then switch sides like intermission , a good way to picture this wood be like planting the bomb to blow up the zombies you get all 3 you win if you dont you loose ether way you switch when time for the round is up

what do you think ... shood zombies be in a multiplayer style game?

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