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Guest Tankeo Dempsaki

Kings of Aether

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Guest Tankeo Dempsaki

Don't know if this belongs in the Asylum but here's my theory...

Kings of Aether

Aether is another dimension we know next to nothing about.

The only things we know are it is tied to the zombies (or 115)

And maybe what it could look like. 

Sam says "enjoy the Aether!" when killing with the Gersche device. So the purplish-mess might be the Aether spilling out and being recollected at the end.

I was also considering the Cosmic Silverback.

Perhaps he is not so Cosmic, but perhaps inter dimensional!

I propose that the Cosmic Slverback is a King of Aether! Able to control the zombies and lead them in an organized fashion against any. 

(still dosn't explain the spacesuit)

Sam, going into the M.P.D., became a King of Aether (it's a title, doesn't have to be queen) 

And George, was granted a similar but MUCH less potent King of Aether style power.

Kings of Aether... Sounds like a video game.

Does this have any merit?

Discuss and debate.

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