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Guest HeadHunter

Last map WAS supposed to be in Paris?

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Guest Scavs

So glad the last map for BO wasn't France. But what is in France? A 035 station hid behind **** please report this topic, post **** and a lot of "whino Nikkolai" jokes best left unsaid. But probably a underground hi-tech facility attached to a subway. All the maps kinda look like levels, since importing a jungle tree is easier than doing what Moon did and create a level from whole cloth. And since this was a season finale they couldn't just show another outpost they needed an actual event. Next game though will be them trashing the 935 network as their memories and core conflicts come into focus. Like maybe map one they have to hack into computers to find network or go magical and we have to bring back Sam's body so we don't have a creepy German guy with a schoolgirl's voice on the team and instead the completely benign 11 yr old German Jewish girl from the 40's strapped throwing down against zombs from the 80's(or whenever BO 2 takes place... I think it would work great in the era when black op work was totally common on.

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