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Guest AscendingDarkness

Easter Egg Song POV's

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Guest AscendingDarkness

I'm just going to do a run through of the point of views for each of the songs in Zombies. You can discuss amongst yourselves. I've added some lyrics to help.

Lullaby for a Dead Man - Samantha "I know when you're sleeping"

The One - Zombies "I've been waiting for someone to find me and become a part of me"

Beauty of Annihilation - Original Characters

(Verse 1 - Dempsey Verse 2 - Richtofen Verse 3 - Takeo Verse 4 - Nikolai)

115 - Samantha "See with your eyes, my army of flies"

Abracadavre - Samantha/ Richtofen "I don't feel like I am real, but I know it's all imaginary" "it's killing me to see I'm killing you"

Not Ready to Die - Richtofen "The voices in my head suggest a less than peaceful sight"

Pareidolia - Samantha "My friends have hollow eyes, they're made of shapes and curvy lines"

Feel free to add any more lyrics or thoughts to expand these.

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