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World Zombies Tournament

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Hey Guys Im Organizing a Zombies Tournament, but it will be like a World Zombies Championship, I will Join Spain community and american Community to have a good Tournament, There will be PRIZES FOR THE 3 WINNERS.

This tournament would be for Xbox 360

How can i join to the tournament? Well leave me this things:

-Team Name

-Team Members (Gamertags)

and message to the twitter @Torneos_Zombies

Im not the organizer but you can ask if you have a question i will try to answer it.

So well the plan is that:

It would be like a World Cup like in football soccer, there would be 32 teams and well you need to classify to the tournament (like in a real world cup) this tournament will start like in 2 weeks (i need to organize) The World Championship would last like 1 week.

So my idea is to join the Zombies Community, it will be really fun (: So i hope you join.

The classify thing will start in 3 weeks, so if you have a Question go to this twitter @Torneos_Zombies

Hope you like this project and please HELP ME (:

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