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Zombies Storyline 4th DLC THEORY

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Well I´ve thought this through a lot so I hope that this theory might earn some credit.

Remenber that in MOTD zombies eyes were red right? Well there has been some rumors about a demon that controls zombies en MOTD. Well, what if the demon needed someone to control the zombies and anhilate mankind? (In this case it would be Samantha) She couldn´t defeat the Original Charachters so Richtofen took control. Well my thery is that the Demon is currntly ordering Richtofen to kill the Green Run charachters. But why doesn´t he just do it? Perhaps that is why he is keeping them alive and telling Samuel to not help Maxis. So, what if when the three polarization devices are set to Richtofen´s side he has enough power to defeat the Demon and take full control of the zombies?

Now about the 4th DLC...

What about if meanwhile in Moon, The Original Characters (well with Samantha in Richtofen´s body) decide to go to the past (where it is said the 4th DlC will be because of the letters revealed by Treyarch) and kill Richtofen to prevent him of controlling zombien and discovering Element 115? But what about the eyes of the zombies? Will they be red or yellow? There have even been rumors that they will be green but not likely. I personally believe they will be red because it will be in 1917 (before MOTD perhaps when the Demon still had control over the few zombies and).

This is my theory and i hope it interests you and create more questions that will lead to more answers.

Credits: Joshua1571, juancharlie214

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