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Chapter 1: Revelations

Prologue: "Nacht"

September 1945

An abandoned German airfield


Unbroken silence within darkness.

“Is anyone with me? Philips? Rook? McCree? Goddammit, is anyone out there?”

Sergeant Raines tried to feel around the dark cockpit for the release hatch, or better yet, any sign of life. Had the two other planes also been shot down? Luckily a fire hadn't started or Raines would not have survived.

As he felt around, Raines could feel the broken shards from the cockpit window against coarse dirt below him. Their plane must be upside down wherever it may have landed in Germany. At least now he was sure how the dark plane was arranged. Maybe now he could see a way out.

The mission should have gone as planned: Fly in, retrieve Peter, and get out before sunrise. The Germans had surrendered earlier that year, and surely there were no left-over German troops still holding out. Was it the Soviets? How did they catch wind of the plan? A spy among us? Unlikely. Higher ups kept a close eye on the Corps for that kind of thing. Plus it was beat into our head right from basic training the consequences of double agency. Not to mention that the rewards for turning oneself in were far greater than anything the Soviets had to offer.

Peter must be important to the Soviets as well, or why else would they try to intercept us? Command seemed awful insistent we fly tonight. Peter must be one hell of a spy for the US to try and pull off a power move like this. Details were hazy and very hush-hush, but the big picture was this guy has some information on German war research that could prove invaluable for the US.

Raines could now see a faint light a few feet away where the AA shell had punctured through. Cautious, the sergeant drew his Colt and crawled to the hole. His ankle had been damaged after being flung around the plane. He eyed the moonlit landscape through a slit in the wall. No one in sight. He waited another few minutes for any sign of movement or sound. Radio silence.

Kicking down the door with his good leg, Raines crawled out of the debris onto the gravel outside, and a sudden stench wafted towards Raines' face. He was so taken aback by the scent his arms crumpled beneath him and his eyes watered. It was a rotting stench of human flesh, far worse than anything of his battles in the past. Balance regained, Raines raised up, eyeing his surroundings. No Russians, no Germans, but none of his fellow soldiers either.

On the other side of the plane was a seemingly abandoned bunker, worn and rusted from many hard fought battles of the past, but now lying still in this foggy airfield. The thick fog prevented Raines from spotting anything in any direction besides the bunker.

Maybe now was time to take a chance and find the others, he thought.


Only the wind.

“Philips, are you with me?!”

Waning light.

“McCree! Come on, anybody?!”

Thick fog and shadows

For what seemed like an eternity, only silence. Faintly from the bunker, a voice called out.

“Sarge! Come quick!”

The voice was coming from the bunker, and Raines could not quite catch whom the voice matched. He lifted himself on his good leg and began limping towards fellow life but stopped dead from the sound that came next.

It came like a long, drawn-out boom. Groans and yelps from far off, but loud and clear as day. A group of yellow-orange lights appeared in pairs deep in the fog. They started small and grew ever larger until the outline of the bodies became clear. Several dozen, around the size of grown men, with piercing orange eyes and a hellish moan stumbling across the field towards Raines.

Raines headed for the plane to find a gun with ammunition for the ambush, but the shambling bodies had gone into a full sprint, shoving each other away to try and get to him. Raines was forced deeper and deeper into the plane as the beasts piled into the tiny, cramped hole in the side of the wreckage. There was no route of escape and they pushed even further with each passing moment. Raines ran his hand along the walls to find what he was looking for. Finally, a compartment where rations were held. Raines desperately scooped the weeks and weeks worth of rations out and stuffed himself inside. He could barely fit his head in, being forced into the fetal position with his head in his lap. Raines shut the door in a panic and wedged the handle to keep it closed.

The sound of banging, crashing, groaning, and clawing were heard outside the compartment for the next hour. Raines had begun to panic internally from his claustrophobia, but his fear of the beasts that wished to reach him inside was far greater. Sweat and tears soaked the shaking man within the plane, trapped by an unknown evil.

From within his prison the soldier heard the faint sounds of gunfire outside. Surely that was his squadmates. They could kill the things outside, and finally this hell could be over. Or at the very least the beasts would leave to find the shooters, and he could make a break for it.

But the banging and screaming continued. Sergeant Raines stayed in that plane for 6 days before finding peace in death. He had water on him which lasted a short time, but the rations, only inches away from him, were beneath the feet of the dead, and thus, were nigh unobtainable. No one heard the screams of Raines' squad that night, except for the undead.

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Chapter 1: Revelations

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