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Tales from the Multiverse

April Fools 2017 (Non-Canon)

Chapter 7: Return Chapter 9: Rebellion

Chapter 8: "Funding"

Date Unknown

Der Riese - Sophia's Office

“Samantha, this is my new assistant, Sophia. Say hello to her.”

Samantha averted her eyes. She was nervous of meeting new people and said nothing to Sophia. Her father was unhappy at her non-reaction.

“It's quite alright, Dr. Maxis. She's just shy, aren't you Samantha? Can I call you Sam?”

Samantha continued looking away to the window looking outside. Oh how she wished to be outside with her father for longer.

“Samantha, Sophia will take care of you while I am busy, and I will take you home after I have finished my work here. Some very important men are relying on me.”

“Okay daddy. When will you be done?”

“In due time. You will be fine here with Sophia. Sophia is very kind and would love to get to know you.”

Samantha stayed quiet and sat in the chair near Sophia's desk.

“Thank you for taking care of Samantha for me for today, Sophia. Samantha doesn't need to be spending all of her day at home. Once you get her to open up I'm sure she will love having a new friend to talk to.”

“It is no problem, Dr. Maxis.” Her eyes shone a bright blue and her smile stole Dr. Maxis' gaze.

The two had become fond of each other the past week. Dealing with the Nazi party and the constant work on new weapon project ideas, Dr. Maxis felt he had lost his human touch. All he had was Samantha and now Sophia to keep him sane.

“Also Dr. Maxis you have a letter from the Reichstag.”

“Thank you Sophia. I will read it as soon as I can.”

“The officer who brought it mentioned it was very urgent.”

“I understand.”

Dr. Maxis unsealed the letter as he walked to his office. This had to be about the new prototype he and Dr. Porter had been working on. Early test results had been sent to the Reichstag for review and they had not gotten back to Dr. Maxis since.


Dr. Ludvig Maxis,


Test results from the Ray Gun prototype have been very pleasing to us. The weapon shows great promise and would do so much to improve our soldiers' capabilities. Expect mass production of the weapon and expect future funding from our cause. We are in your debt for you and your scientists' work.

At the moment we are looking for other forms of biological technology to enhance our soldiers. Your colleagues at the Rising Sun facility have begun research on a sort of augmentation using Element 115 to give people new abilities once the filtered element is consumed. At the moment, this is all hypothetical as there are no willing human test subjects to utilize for great science. This is why it is our pleasure to allow Group 935 and Division 9 to collaborate at Wittenau Sanatorium, an asylum in Berlin, with plenty of living subjects to perform testing. Your two organizations are of course responsible for renaming the facility and managing maintenance as well. You have our trust on the matter.

Also, we have reviewed your tests of the element on dead cells, and are intrigued at the potential. While the Wehrmacht is the strongest force on earth that cannot be replaced, an army of the dead would be a massive tactical advantage for us. However, as you have stated, tests have not been successful so far. We have faith your men can discover the key to controlling them, and we would be ecstatic in accepting any new discoveries on the matter. With our funding and now access to the asylum, you should not have a problem performing any tests that may find a breakthrough.

One last issue to discuss: We are looking for something to innovate the Reich's efficient military. At this time our military is mounting an offensive against the Soviets. We lack the proper transportation infrastructure in the east to mount such an offensive with all the supplies and troops we need in the field. If any research has come up or does come up that could assist us at this time, please contact the Reichstag High Command.

Thank you for your cooperation.

- General Lehmkuhl


Chapter 7: Return Chapter 9: Rebellion

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