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Chapter 1: Revelations Chapter 3: Great Science

Chapter 2: "Induction"

December 1939

Der Riese - Auditorium

Dr. Maxis drank his last sip of tea before walking towards the stage before his benefactors, the soon-to-be members of Group 935. Behind him, two Reichstag officials overseeing the speech. He approached the podium and adjusted his microphone. The young recruits grew silent, ready to hear whatever he had to say. Sophia started the recording, and motioned for him to begin.

Gentlemen, allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you to Group 935.”

Members of the crowd perked up, prepared for their career in scientific research.

“This is a prestigious moment in the history of our race. You represent the future of technological advancement. You are the pioneers of human discovery. In your hands lies the destiny of mankind. In our hands is a great power and with that power comes a price. You have volunteered to be part of this great experiment and with that decision comes the responsibility of absolute secrecy.”

The general mood of the room dropped with that line. Maxis paused and his tone changed to a more strict form.

“No one is to know what you do, where you work, what our research has uncovered, or what our purpose will be. You will have no further contact with your governments or with your families. Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to Group 935 is absolute. In your lockers you will find your field ops manual which will direct you should our manifesto get compromised. We cannot afford to let this power fall into the wrong hands and therefore the field ops manual should be considered your bible. Make your preparations now. A new dawn is beginning for mankind."

Dr. Ludvig Maxis stepped down from the podium, and off the stage to meet with the new recruits. For the next ten minutes he shook many new, eager hands of the future of humanity. These great men all have a fiery passion for science in their eyes. It is unfortunate they will be so limited with the new plan. But in due time they will be able to perform great things again, once the Nazis finish their little skirmish and the dust settles in the world. Group 935 will still strive to achieve its goal of improving the human condition, even if it must slow progress for the time being.

The last of the new recruits left the room leaving Maxis to deal with the Reichstag officials.

“Wonderful speech, Herr Doktor. You sure inspired those youthful minds. Their work, and your own are very much appreciated by the Fuhrer.”

The men wore simple uniforms with no Nazi iconography on them, as was the instruction of Maxis. He did not want to cause a stir in the organization before he could officially announce the partnership and make necessary arrangements. For their own safety, Maxis planned to hide the identity of key scientists considered “undesirables” in the eyes of the Reich, so they may remain safe during the collaboration. Group 935 could not afford to lose some of its greatest minds, such as the admirable Dr. Yena, and the young Dr. McCain.

Dr. Maxis nodded at the compliment.

“Thank you, and I appreciate you two being here on behalf of the Reich.”

The other officer spoke up, “It was our pleasure. Now, onto the issue at hand. When do you and your scientists plan to begin your work on weapons for our army?”

“In due time. We have already begun tests using our newly discovered element from the meteor. Division 9 has already supplied us with a blueprint for a weapon using the energy. Also, again, I must thank the gracious Reich for allowing the base in Japan to be built. It has given us a plethora of resources and discoveries within these first few weeks.”

“We will let Command know of your cooperation and compliments. Continue your great work, and feel free to contact us on concerns, and we will forward you to the appropriate official.”

Maxis nodded, “Thank you for your time.”

The two men left Maxis to his thoughts.

This new element had proven to be one of the greatest discoveries of mankind. It could do so many great things, but recently Maxis' scientists had discovered it could do something far stranger than originally thought. Element 115 could reanimate the dead cells of a corpse, causing the body to begin automotive movement. So far it had only been tested on rodents and pigs, but the same effect is believed to be had on human corpses. The thought was horrid, and Maxis tried not to dwell on it. This effect could still have some benefits. Perhaps it could keep people living for a longer amount of time, or bring back beloved family members or pets. Still, the idea kept Maxis up at night, and he refused to share it beyond the few scientists who worked with the walking corpses.

Then, after hazy thoughts, an idea came upon Dr. Maxis. Perhaps this effect could prove useful to the Nazis, and if the idea succeeded, Group 935 would stay funded for decades. No need for soldiers when the dead could be just as good.


Chapter 1: Revelations Chapter 3: Great Science

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