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Tales from the Multiverse

April Fools 2017 (Non-Canon)

Chapter 18: Asylum Chapter 20: Meditation

Chapter 19: "Tank"

September 1945

Siberian Facility - Dr. Richtofen's Lab

“Log Entry: 1473. Date: September 17th, 1945. Dear diary, today-”

The door to Dr. Richtofen's lab slammed to the ground, and there stood a muscular American marine in the doorway, armed with a metal rod, and behind him a knocked out guard and a disheveled, bloody Dr. Harvey Yena.

Tank Dempsey swung the rod at Dr. Yena knocking him to the ground.

“Get your hands off me you damn dirty Nazi!”

Tank Dempsey turned his attention to Dr. Richtofen, mouth agape.

“Uh-oh! This doesn't look good...”

Dempsey began to grin and walk towards Richtofen.

“Yeah, that's right, You want some of this? I'm taking you home in bags, freak!”

Dr. Yena followed by another guard entered the lab behind him, and restrained Dempsey, taking away the metal rod. They began beating him to the ground with it until he was calm.

“Nein! I don't think so, American!”

“Okay, ow!”

“I suppose this must be the replacement then. Time to get to work!”

Tank opened his eyes and raised his head to look at Dr. Richtofen.

“I can still hear you.”

“Hit him again with the stick!”

The guard continued beating Dempsey until he was unconscious.

“Alright! Don't kill him! Dr. Yena, help me get him to the operating table.”

“Yes, doctor.”

The two held onto Tank Dempsey from each end and hoisted his body onto the table.

“Dr. Richtofen, Dr. Maxis was not very specific in why I've been sent here. What exactly are we going to be doing with this test subject?”

“We? I don't know what Dr. Maxis told you, but what I do here I do alone. No offense, Dr Yena.”

“Well do you have any...specifics on what you are working on?”

“Really, Dr. Yena, you can leave now. I've got work to do and I don't have time to be sharing all my findings with you right now.”

“Well I'm supposed to stay stationed here for the time being. I'm working on an experimental weapon here. Maybe you could share your test results when you are finished and I could deliver them to Dr. Maxis for you?”

“Dr. Yena I could just share my results over radio or in person. Why are you so nosy regarding my work? I don't appreciate the prying.”

“Sorry, Dr. Richtofen. I will return to my own lab. If you need me feel free to find me.”

Dr. Yena was quick to exit the lab when Dr. Richtofen started asking his own questions. Suspicious. Did Dr. Maxis truly send Dr. Yena to assist him, or to steal his work and give it to Dr. Maxis? This is getting out of hand fast. Soon enough Dr. Maxis could discover the existence of Griffin Station, and their whole operation. By October, Richtofen would have to put a stop to all his problems.

Beside the new test subject lied a profile. The American test subject was a soldier found at the Verruckt facility with his squad. Two of the four soldiers were not found and were likely killed by the first batch of undead released at the asylum. The other soldier near this one was shot dead by the Germans, and after a hard fight, this one was captured. Under questioning he referred to himself as “Tank” Dempsey and fought back aggressively anytime he was not under sedatives. Dr. Richtofen immediately locked his limbs down on the bed and prepared his station.

“Let's see how that head of yours reacts to a little electroshock therapy.”


Dr. Richtofen had grown so cautionary. Trying to work with him was a folly. Constant paranoia. Dr. Yena did not belong here.

In the mean time, Dr. Yena worked with the Scavenger, a pet project he had been working on with Element 115. A sniper rifle that fired bolts which explode shortly after. The 115 gave the explosion a fitting amount of firepower.

In working with members of Group 935, Dr. Yena came to observe the effects element 115 seemed to be having on the other scientists. Dr. Maxis came to have a short temper, and loss of empathy. Dr. Richtofen was a whole other man altogether, and no telling what he had been doing with the element in his free time. Group 935 was quickly becoming a mad house. With the demise of the Reich, this mad house full of mad men would soon fall.

Chapter 18: Asylum Chapter 20: Meditation

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