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Chapter 9: Rebellion Chapter 11: Souls

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Griffin Castle

Dr. Maxis had noticed a change in Dr. Richtofen's demeanor. Edward rarely looked him squarely in the eyes and when he did his eyes gave an impression of uneasiness. Dr. Maxis had already ignored his teleportation research, but now he needed it back. The Nazi's needed it. But breaking it to Dr. Richtofen and taking full control will anger him even further. It must be done for the sake of Group 935.

Group 935 had created its own research stations all throughout Nazi territory, including here in Austria, within a medieval mountain-side castle. Among members of the organization it became colloquially known as Griffin Castle. An odd locale, but its beautiful architecture and art inspired many of its scientists.

Dr. Maxis entered the castle's entrance to meet with Dr. Richtofen and break the news. Worse and worse scenarios raced in Dr. Maxis' head. A vindictive Richtofen might destroy his work just to prevent Group 935 from utilizing it. He may even release his aggression on Maxis himself. Best case scenario: Dr. Richtofen leaves Group 935 to work alone. It was a shame, as Dr. Maxis had much respect for Dr. Richtofen.

At Dr. Richtofen's station he was toying with a device powered by Element 115. It had many coils and electricity could be seen between the coils flowing. Edward had been very persistent on working on this prototype for the past few weeks, now more so than ever.

“Good evening Dr. Richtofen. What exactly is this device you've been working with?”

“This, Dr. Maxis, is the Wunderwaffe DG-2, a complement to the original Die Glocke project. It is not finished at the moment, but this weapon has incredible potential.”

“Ah. Well, Dr. Richtofen it's impressive.”

“Thank you, doctor. When the project is finished, I will submit the findings and a prototype to you to send to our friends in the Reich.”

“I, uh, look forward to your findings Dr. Richtofen. Hopefully they will appreciate your research and begin mass production. Now, Dr. Richtofen, I have a...proposal.”

“Regarding what?”

“Your teleportation research. I have been contacted with an inquiry regarding any research that can assist with transportation of supplies and soldiers. I apologize for putting you down for your work a few years ago, and I am fully understanding of any anger you may have.”

Dr. Richtofen's face was blank. No telling his internal thoughts. Silent for a few moments, and finally he spoke up.

“I'd be happy to help you Dr. Maxis. I will share the prototype's schematics.”

He was not furious. Or at least he did not seem so.

“What kind of scientist would I be if I was not willing to share my work, Dr. Maxis? Besides, how can I say no when my work will still be put to good use! Not to mention the DG-2 is coming along nicely, and you can help have it mass-produced.”

“Thank you, Edward. I was afraid you would not take the announcement this well. I am pleased you have decided to cooperate. We should begin testing within the next few weeks.”

Dr. Maxis left Dr. Richtofen to his work.


Edward was furious. He knew Dr. Maxis would steal his hard work. That rat. Even if Edward had declined the offer there's no doubt he'd steal his research for himself. Would Dr. Maxis ever truly be able to keep his promise and mass produce the Wunderwaffe DG-2? Only time will tell, but Edward would not hold his breath. Dr. Maxis was blindly infatuated with Sophia. A lost cause. And his damn brat of a daughter would be his undoing as well. Or so said the voices.

Chapter 9: Rebellion Chapter 11: Souls

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