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  1. The Names Krueger... Jerry Krueger. Welcome to my world.

    Appreciate it my man. I checked there haven’t seen anyone yet. Most are on IW I personally don’t play that much. Mostly BO3.
  2. Good AfterMorning folks ! I’m Jerry, also known as Jerry Krueger. 24 Year old outta Derrty Jerz (New Jersey). Look, long story short I’m tired of running lobby to lobby looking for pick up games of zombies daily. So, I stumbled upon this page (years later). I have a crew of 3 total (including me) whom I play with daily (it’ll mostly be 2 of us majority of the time tho). Everyday we start off with a warm up practice Easter egg run through any & every map (except shadows. Need 4). weve been helping gamers obtain their Easter eggs & trophies a lot lately & willing to help many more of you out if needed. I can assure you with our help, we’re going to get every egg done first try. No glitches. Nothing. Soooo... if you’re interested & looking for help with ANY Easter egg. Hit me up with a message. We’re always up for a few games (just don’t randomly pop into our party uninvited, you’ll catch a boot from my main man Jack lol) PSN - JerryKrueger_ Twitter- krueger_jayt send me a request or a message & let’s get to killing/hunting !! p.s we also do speed runs (30’s & Easter eggs. I personally don’t go for 50’s that much but my other teammates do.)