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    Hi, I'm a newish deaf PS4 zombie player, I have BO3 with all the maps and Infinite Warfare, gonna pre-order WWII soon. Def not a n00b to COD, Ive been playing since COD4. I go to school for Business Admin, Im a math nerd. My idea of insane fun on Zombies is to play Nacht Der Untoten with only the corner upper pathway open and hang out with some buddies in the room trying to stay alive as long as we can without training. Its all about killing zombies. :D I have done 3/5 of IW easter eggs, I need the AttackEE(but I need someone's help cause I cant hear the radio) and Beast. My favorite guns are the MAD and Kendalls PAP'd twice. EEs with a deaf person are a bit different communication-wise. I am usually not the team leader but I can stay alive and train zombies. Team leader usually messages me on FB messenger while the zombies are trained away from him/her. I can play the zombie trainer role and have Reanimated/Perk Insured/Phoenix Rising cards loaded up to ensure survival :) I do have most other cards so if you have recommendations for Attack or Beast please LMK.