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  1. Rank Every Zombies Map From Best To Worst

    21. Die Rise - shitty everything 20. COTD - prbs would be higher but have no experience with it. George seems like an ass R.I.P Gerge Romero 19. Shi no Numa - Waw too easy for high rounds, Bo3 Boring in my opinion 18. Zetsubou - never got into it seems to glitchy at launch and kt4 takes too long 17. Five - too hard, close quarters 16. Shangri La - too many pains in the asses eg napalm monkeys 15. Tranzit - Too big, had to be low but can be fun in coop watching n00bs down in the lava 14. Nacht - too simple 13. Ascension - too easy once setup jug revive and thundergun and train in spawn easy 12. Revelations - wasnt a new map, but good replayability 11. Buried - Simple as well, but many strategies on that can be fun 10. Moon - very fun with the gravity and area 51 annoying astronaut WHATS WITH THEYARCHS OBSESSION WITH BOSSES FOLLOWING YOU ALL THE TIME 9. Kino - fun in solo and coop 8. Der Reise - where it really started, most innovative map in terms of its time 7. Nuketown - its challenging but in a good way 6. Gorod - World at War map with BO3 graphics 5. Shadows - lot of fun just one of them maps that just fun 4. MOTD - fun map lots to do 3. Verruckt - you were wondering where this would be just a map that i got to love lots to do in it 2. Der Eisen - close but edged out by no 1 such a fun map very innovative 1. ORIGINS - all round the best map in zombies history nuff' said