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  1. Crazy glitch on moon? Mechanical saw like object

    No? It this meant to be in the game?
  2. Hi everyone, a couple of days ago I was playing black ops 3 with my cousin and 2 randoms. Halfway through the game the 2 randoms either left or were booted. Anyway, as the game restarted, I noticed my controller rumbling more than normal. I also heard what can only be described as a rumbling noise coming from somewhere inside the map. I went to investigate and discovered something I've never seen before. What I saw was what can only be described as a huge mechanical saw, it was spinning around and touching it would result in instant death. I managed to record footage, I tried theatre mode to see if I could find the cause of this but it wouldn't allow me past the object. I'm not sure if this is meant to be part of the map but I've never seen it before, I also looked into it and couldn't find anything about it anywhere. Apologies for the poor quality. Any questions feel free to ask.