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  1. Hey there I'm a casual zombies player first time posting on any forum so. Excuse my errors or mistakes. my thoughts follow this and maybe u guys can prove or disprove this but lately I've seen a few videos on YouTube saying there has to be a way to break the cycle supporting a second ending to revalations which I've heard was disproven but I can't help but think there's some truth there. We played the game for years and it ends with us going complete circle but as far as I know there are unanswered questions. Strictly based on other theories I've heard such as weasel being Monty and etc there's room for more in the story. I heard there were many things us gamers have missed in terms of Easter eggs supposedly someone from triarch said that and if so I want to propose this what if Monty is a bad guy what if zombies chronicles wasn't just a remake see our characters were sent back to promise right back at origins and such what if we are playing the cycle and we are overlooking important things to break the cycle because we are trying to complete old Easter eggs what if there's more what if its shuttle things in each map that could lead to a new map or possibly new turn in the story I'm not good enough to test these theories in game however just a thought sorry for spelling and grammar