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  1. In Your Darkest Moments

    I'm sorry to hear that. It truly is a terrible thing to happen. Those problems are the hardest to spot, someone can act happy and buoyant to the world but are struggling to keep their head above water. I've recently had my own demons to fight, and they have brought me to some of the lowest points I can remember. But I always knew that in my darkest moment there would be someone I could turn to, and I did, I asked one person that I trusted for help and that put me on the road to recovery. No matter how bad things seem just remember that there is always someone wanting to help.
  2. World of Denchurion

    I'm Denchurion, Based in the UK and ironically for this forum not the biggest Zombies player. I have played very little of the DLCs and most of my zombie experience is in Nacht Der Untoten, Kino Der Toten and Shadows of Evil. However I've been hooked on the Zombies story and the Easter Eggs, so I'm well versed in most maps...without ever playing them.
  3. New ideas for zombies

    A variation of the Nuke where it leaves only 1 zombie behind or several crawlers. Just saves people the hassle of making sure there is one left before doing more intricate parts of the Easter Eggs. Also prevents you from accidentally getting the Nuke and moving onto the next round.
  4. Where are you from?

    I will follow @certainpersonio and be even later to the party. I'm from London, England