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  1. I've never really tried dashboarding, does it still save the stats like highest round and level?
  2. Interesting theory!
  3. Razz

    Thanks man, I'll Dm you :) Thank you. I didn't skip it but I never really got into it I played TranZit and Origins a little bit.
  4. Razz

    Thanks man :)
  5. Razz

    Hello everyone, I'm not much of a "writer" so I'm just gonna try to keep it short. My name is Razz but I also go by the name of Razm sometimes. Started playing zombies on World at War, I was a real free to play and wasn't even aware that there were more maps than Nacht. Then I played a shit ton of Kino and didn't touch zombies until like a year ago when I picked up BO3 which got me obsessed with zombies. I play on PC and not many of my friends like zombies that much so I'd really appreciate if some of you guys who play on PC added me and maybe we could play sometime.
  6. Zombie Chronicles Highest Round Thread

    Map: Ascension Highest Round: 57 Players: Solo Strategy Used: Widow's Lander with Thundergun Gobblegums used: Alchem
  7. Nice strat but it's gonna eat through your gobblegums.