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  1. Chronicles missed a few things

    Hey guys, anyone else feel Zombies Chronicles was a let down that didn't add anything really new other than a skin revamp and new sound affects? I feel that the maps that did not have an Easter egg storyline should have gotten one along with a few other things that need to be added so without further a do let me begin to elaborate. (Checklist provides all) 1. Early maps such as Shino, Verrukt, Nach, Kino are to boring and need something added to them like a multi step Easter egg that explains what happened to each of the characters after thay met each other as told in the origins map. Easy story to go through have the characters racing to discover a cure for the zombie apocalypse by creating a cure using element 115. For example in Shino Numa you help Takeo refine the rock form of the element into a solute that can be viable to use for a cure. While on the side you uncover secrets about Samantha. To make these Easter eggs good use cut scenes. The newer maps are fine like Ascension, Shangri la, moon, and origins, they have everything needed 2. The early maps such as Verrukt, Shino, and nacht need a way to be able to pack a punch, so add an access point on the map to the pack a punch machine through a series of steps 3. We would also like hidden Easter eggs to get some of the old guns back from the games in which these maps were in, don't just put them in the box that is boring Thanks for taking the time to read this because this would ultimately complete the game and fully connect the storyline because there are to many holes as of right now.