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  1. Gobblegums

    COMMENT GOBBLEGUMS YOU THINK SHOULD BE PUT INTO ZOMBIES As you may know zombies is a fantastic game mode and a great add on to call of duty ww,bo1,bo2,bo3 and other activision published zombie game modes. But the main thing is the things in zombies such as perks,guns,maps and the newest thing yet gobblegums. If you dont exactly know what gobblegums do or a made for they are a very useful in games and high round with my personal favourite the one and only perkaholic this is ace. When chewed is automatically gives you every perk in the game which is amazing. But some people do not like the fact that they cannot suggest there own gobblegums and create there own. If so then comment a gobblegum you would want in zombies and i will put through to another page where everyone will see and see if we can think of more zombie gobblegums.