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  1. Return of the M1911!

    I mean its going to be nice having the M1911 again but i think people are over reacting a little like... packa punching them really isnt all that effective and its a pistol... its not like its the intervention from mw2... which as everyone knows its a very iconic weapon from that game. Tom Syndicate suggested that we should get a option before starting a game whether to use Bops 3, 2, 1 or waw weapons and i know that this would be alot to add but i think that this would be so much better.
  2. Weapon Attachment Recommendations

    Its nice that you made this but tbh it was very unnecessary. most guns you can put all attachments on expect one anyways, not matter what combination off attachments you use as long as you use fast mags and rapid fire you can go wrong. Mainly down the personal preference.
  3. Need Group of 3

    What do you play on? If you play on pc, you can join my group.