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  1. Has zombies went too far?

    Now, hear me out here as I understood my opinion will not be taken lightly amongst other nazi zombie players. Especially on a fan forum dedicated towards Call of Duty zombie players. However, I am interested to see what others have to say. My opinion is mainly towards: the storyline of zombies, and the maps/gameplay... In the recent years I've taken somewhat of a hiatus towards gaming, and Call of Duty for that matter. As these days COD is now more focused on satisfying young children's desires of the game, than entertainment; the developers call it advancement. However, running on walls and jet packing everywhere goes beyond development in my opinion. Now, nazi zombies I feel is something I feel has not reached this level of "development" until now... at least, until I've recently returned to playing to realise. It seems like the gamemode has taken a step away from raw gameplay, to a more easteregg/storyline focused-driven gamemode. Like you cannot play the maps without completing the easteregg or storyline, as if it is a vital component. Where as before the story was a supplement to the fantastic gameplay that zombies had to offer. The gamemode I feel offers no pick up and play value to new-comers to the mode. Specifically, by appearing to have a need complete mandatory storyline steps in order to obtain specialist weapons or additions. Which appears confusing to new players. What are your thoughts? Please debate...