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  1. I haven't had a chance to watch any gameplay since the drop, but was the "Water Staff" thing an EE or a bug?
  2. So I just watched the music video or trailer for Zombie Chronicles. I noticed that there is a GobbleGum machine in it. Which leads me to believe that the did more than just remaster the maps. I do not know how I feel about this. It just wont have the same feeling of accomplishment getting to higher rounds using the GobbleGum machine. But it could also come in handy and be very useful on Origins, and Moon, which both take ages and ages to get set up on. But this also leads me to start believing some of the theories and speculations of new and different easter eggs in the maps. I mean I am sure that they will keep all of the main easter eggs, and most of the small ones, but what I mean when I say say new and different easter eggs, is that I am sure that they will add extra ones on top of the current ones. Cyphers? I don't know what to expects with cyphers... What do you guys think about this stuff? And what are your just overall opinions about Zombie Chronicles?