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  1. I think I know why after watching the revelations trailer. You see giant apothicons with access to different dimensions and they are launching 115 rocks into these other dimensions and other Earths, These things travel through space to earth it's burnt up 115! The meteorite is orange-y red/dark brown because of how hot it was travelling at such a fast pace. Now think WAYYY back to Shi Nu Numa, remember the Tunguska event? and how we all suspected this meteorite was alien like material (which we further conspired that the nazis had contact with aliens haha) that just accidentally managed to crash onto earth and our other locations like the area near where call of the dead is held (sorry forgot the name guys). Just "accidental meteorite crashes". These were actually the apothicons doings. Ever since we awoken "the ancient evil again" that we kept buried into our earth. (Which I'm guessing we can assume the summoning key was there buried to never be found, guarded by the keepers and their reanimated templar knights.)