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  1. FFGXGD GFFAGF GGDDGF FFXXFF FDGFFG FDGFFG FDGGFF FGFGAA FXFXDX XFXDGF FAGGFF AF Some key words I thought of are: zombie, warden, friend, safety, bridge and escape.
  2. Okay,, so I have a itch to solve things and being the person I am it always bothers me when I play mob of the dead that I still don't know what it means so I've been playing around with it and using different keywords but nothing works. So I had a thought is if the columns are mixed up by a keyword.. why wouldn't the rows be? I could be completely wrong but people were talking about how mob of the dead fits perfectly along side the cryptext. I was thinking if the key word is mixed up alphabetically then so would mob of the dead. People have discredited mob of the dead being able to be there because of repeating letters but repeating letters isn't against the rules it just makes it a lot harder to figure out. With that said I want to rearrange the code with mob of the dead alphabetically but that makes so much more work. Does anyone think it'd be worth a try and want to help me?