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  1. Maxis and richtofen

    As you may know maxis and richtofen are mortal enemy's in the 1.0 timeline because of what richtofen did to maxis and his daughter Samantha In derise but years later richtofen discovered that they were not dead and maxis was in a tomb and Samantha was in the dp9 he got a friend of his to free maxis to get Samantha out of the dp9 because it has the power to control the zombies but when maxis gets her to come out he says for her to kill every one in group 935 and she does what he says it is unclear how maxis dies after this point
  2. The truth of derise

    As you may know derise is the giant and at the end of derise Samantha maxis's daughter walks in on one of his experiments on her dog fluffy it gets teleported away and then reappears as a HELLHOUD they run but they are cornered richtofen thinks this is the the best time to get rid of maxis and Samantha so he traps them in the teleporter and by by maxis and Samantha but this is the end for 1.0 richtofen because the origins crew shows up seconds after he thinks he kills them and they are begging him to not open the telporter and he does and richtofen 2.0 comes out and kills 1.0 and paves a way for a better tomorrow according to takeo