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  1. ALL Revelations ciphers texture files

    @WaterKH Cipher 14's conversion to hex is missing 9 characters. Here is the full translation. daf20229cdf3eea6222aedc4ba2e86849e97a18db1d39d124be9f819cef34640464fb6eac2a2846db054b5bb2baa1ae34442a26d04a26415a9b3ab0d200a30bdc6998ceb43c0335a62aad3852c69e6e9febacd238d46dc5f7d4ea10fdc39186d81946cf6423df188ffe9ff9ff1252e3eea601a35be06efcc6a96168dce568d This translation is of the same language as Cipher 4's translation from hex. I was thinking that 6 letters and 10 numbers makes a 4x4 grid but then chances are we we will end up with a similar looking translation after a transposition. I reckon we may translate a-f to 1-6 but then why is there no g-i or why is there 7-0. And how would we then translate these numbers further?