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  1. Samantha's Teddy CXV

    Comic #4: A new loading screen

    On that pieced together paper you have, there is one thing I'd like to point out... "We are different, but the same" "These shackles they come with certain opportunity they won't let me get away but they show me that we are the same! We're the same? We're the same. They show me that we are the same. I can't give in. I won't give in. It's not a state of mind I'm wretched but I'm powerful!" This is a bone I'm throwing you. Follow the lead.
  2. Samantha's Teddy CXV

    Mystery Man

    I have been thinking about something. There are many silhouettes without names, and faces without names. People have come up with many theories about these people, but there is one that I have not seen. What if they're all the same person. The silhouettes on the Nacht Der Untoten loading screen would be the first time that they showed up. This makes them the FIRST character introduced. Even before the Fab Four. A certain piece of evidence that they are the same person is the fact that they are connected with the Fab Four in Shi No Numa, and again with the portraits in Kino Der Toten. In fact, they're really all over the place. They're even connected to Shangri-La, thanks to that loading screen, as he is up in the left hand corner of the screen. I do not yet know who he is, for certain, but thinking about him this way MAY be the key to discovering who he is. Now thanks to the fact that he is a character without a name, it is possible that we can assume he is the "Only the Cursed Survive" person, as well as the character who stands next to Tank in the First Strike poster, thanks to the fact that he is bald, as well as "Only the Cursed Survive" (or at least appears to be bald). Now... to figure out exactly what he's doing in all these places... To me, it seems that he is at least a leading figure, if not THE leading figure in an organization akin to Group 935 and Division 9. He seems to be involved in projects regarding mind control, as well as various artifacts from around the world. Now, it looks like he's standing in a doorway in the Nacht Der Untoten loading screen... Is it really a doorway, or is a portal akin to the ones Edward began using in Black Ops 3? If so, he may be going anywhere in spacetime. Next: What in the HELL could have been doing in Shi No Numa? Perhaps... he was merely watching the four and their progress. Maybe he was safe somewhere, with cameras pointed directly at them. Just... watching. For what? Well let's put it this way: Takeo, Nikolai, and Tank are test subjects. Variables in an experiment. Edward, who is PART of the experiment, but not a test subject, himself, would then be seen as the control. The silhouette character MAY have been observing the results, as Edward would be in no place to do so, being part of the experiment. Next: Kino Der Toten. If all these people are in fact one person, and they are watching the experiment, then (and this is assuming that the whole story, at least up to Moon, was in fact A MAZE) then it is entirely possible that they would put SOMETHING to show the characters they're being watched. Edward would know who it was, and it is hinted at that he does when he looks at the silhouette portrait and says "Zhis vone didn't photograph so vell.". Takeo may know this person, as he had been part of the experiments the longest. Perhaps he liked the guy. He probably liked him more than he liked Richtofen, or perhaps knew something related to the man that only Richtofen would know. He says "What once was, is no more, but shall be again!" When Nikolai sees it, he says, "It looks like someone removed the image!" If this is in fact part of the experiment, the observer cannot be known. It would taint the results is the characters ACTUALLY knew they were being watched. Finally, Tank. He wouldn't know the guy. He had been part of the experiment for less time than anyone and so it makes sense that when he sees the silhouette, he says, "Hey look! it's nobody!" NEXT: Ascension. What was he doing at that base? He was obviously working on a variety of projects, including missiles, test subjects (the empty cell), and some kind of teleportation, time travel, or portal. How is that connected to Shangri La? ANSWER! HE WAS WATCHING THAT AS WELL. He would have followed the Fab Four's progress EVERYWHERE they went, no matter where they went. Next: Only the cursed survive. He is holding a card with the Mark of the Beast on it. He seems sinister. He seems to be at least part zombies. Who is he? Finally: Last strike. The bald man. Remember... touching the radioactive beacon makes your hair fall out. He may have been at The Giant as well. Is he a member of Group 935? Is he a leader of an organization that Group 935 works closely with? Is he a standalone man? Only time will tell... But with time running out for the characters and all of the realities, I am almost certain we will know in the next Treyarch game. Assuming they have zombies still... I don't think we're done just yet.
  3. Samantha's Teddy CXV

    Lullaby for a Deadman analysis

    "Lullaby For A Dead Man" Green lyrics = Edward Richtofen Yellow lyrics = Takeo Masaki Blue Lyrics = Nikolai Belinski White Lyrics = Tank Dempsey Grey Lyrics = alltogether Red Lyrics = My assertions Life is still spinning Your end, my beginning The above lyrics are meant to say "In order to create, one must first destroy. I have destroyed you, and now, I can begin." At least in one sense, this may have to do with the 2.0 characters killing the 1.0 characters, then catching up in age, expecting to die... but not dying. The fact that this song is set in Verrukt is no accident, either. Dempsey was driven insane by the events of the Asylum, then was captured by Group-935, to be experimented on by Edward Richtofen. Der Eisendrache takes place DIRECTLY after the events of Verrukt. And everything I hope for has been strangely set aside The Reason I think this is Nikolai speaking is because of lyrics from "Beauty of Annihilation", 'Poison fills the cup of the carpenter'. In that map, nikolai claims to have been a Carpenter, back in Russia. I will admit that that is flimsy logic, however, I have no other understanding of it. Please comment below if you have a better understanding. Breathing for living My mind is forgiving Only the Cursed Survive. What to we breath to do? Live. SURVIVE. Therefore, as long as you're breathing, you're cursed. Now, in order to continue surviving in world full of sin, both others' and your own, you must do a lot of mental acrobatics to keep yourself sane. Simple enough explanation for simple lyrics. And destiny is proving to be absent from my life Richtofen expected to die by this point. That's all there is to it. I know it, I feel it I know when you're sleeping I know the things you're dreaming And I know you will never give up and die I will NOT be explaining the chorus from this song. At all. Deal with it. Conscious fulfilling, the darkness revealing Everything the characters are doing at this point is to draw them closer to the moment when they will meet their younger selves. They wish to avoid it... but they can't. It's destiny... unless destiny is absent. All faults and insecurities are shining like the sun He is speaking directly to Edward, who has deep insecurities and is constantly trying to hide it. Eyes are decieving Edward is denying that he has insecurities, telling nikolai that he's merely imagining things. Your mind will stop breathing and I believe here, that Edward is talking to Tank, mostly because of the next lyric. All that you are made of will now rightly become mine In The Giant, Edward talked about bottling Tank's luck. This right here is the outcome of that, that everything that makes Tank, Tank, and so powerful, becomes Edward's. You know it, you feel it I know when you're sleeping I know the things you're dreaming I love it when you're weeping Even death can't stop this feeling And I know you will never give up and die Father, why have you forsaken me? My life is gone A reference to the plight of Takeo 1.0, who had been betrayed by the Emperor. It is also a reference to Christianity, as the last words of Jesus included "Eli Eli lama sabachthani?" Which means "Father, Father, Why have you forsaken me?" Father, know how long it's taken me? I live again This asks a question to the listener. How long did it take Jesus to be resurrected? 3 days. I know when you're sleeping I know the things you're dreaming I know when you're sleeping I know the things you're dreaming I love when you're weeping Even death can't stop this feeling I know when you're sleeping I know the things you're dreaming I love when you're weeping Even death can't stop this feeling And I know you will never give up No, you will never give up... You will never give up... and die Okay, so overall, I think this song is a connect between the events of Black Ops 3, whatever the future holds for the characters until they catch up in age, and what has already been seen between World at War and Black Ops 2. I don't think we're done with the characters, and to be honest... I think that a lot worse things are going to happen to them. Most of you will not WANT to continue with the story. You'll think they're trying too hard to make the story artistic... It was always like that though. Through the other analyzations of the songs that I will make, I hope you'll understand. As for this song, I'll be honest, it wasn't one of the easiest for me to analyze. There are reasons for this, such as it being the first song from COD Zombies that had lyrics, it's also short, and has things that if I were to explain... well... It would be bad.
  4. Samantha's Teddy CXV

    'Teleportation', 'Time travel', and ALTERNATE UNIVERSES

    I was wondering when someone would comment on my mistake.
  5. Samantha's Teddy CXV

    'Teleportation', 'Time travel', and ALTERNATE UNIVERSES

    Thank you for your comments, I'll definitely give those topics a read.
  6. Samantha's Teddy CXV

    'Teleportation', 'Time travel', and ALTERNATE UNIVERSES

    The Teleporters in Der Reise do not require the Rod or Vril, they operate solely on the SUBSTITUTE for Vril, Element-115
  7. So first off, I have to explain WHY the MDT is capable of time travel. Why it exceeded it's intended use, and why Edward 'didn't expect it'. Let's explain it this way. We all know the first three dimensions. Length, Height, and Depth. Those are spacial dimensions. Then we have time as the fourth dimension. They weave together and form Space-Time. The single WORST aspect of LITERALLY every time travel movie and book is such a glaring hole that it amazes me that no one has picked up on it, or at least explored it. Zombies is no exception. Time travel in media SOLELY focuses on travel through time. It ignores the spacial dimensions completely. It ignores the PRIORITIES. If you travel solely in time, you could find yourself in the middle of space, or in the middle of a star, or a black hole. Star Wars actually focuses on this concept pretty well with their hyperdrive. You need to set SPACIAL coordinates, as well as Time coordinates. Does it REALLY look like the control pad for the MDT in The Giant has the capability to set spacial coordinates OR time coordinates? No. They merely have a connection with the other pad. Next, WHY is the MDT capable of time travel? Simple: In order to teleport, you must make the matter capable of moving faster than the speed of light. Once matter moves faster than light, it is capable of time travel. Edward knew this. He was only pretending to be surprised that the MDT was capable of time travel, for the benefit of his "unconventional allies". Next: ALTERNATE UNIVERSES. So... are there higher dimensions than merely the four we experience? I wouldn't know. But, I can theorize. Let's say that there are three dimensions of time, as well as three dimensions of space. This allows for something that no one in the Zombieverse or any fans seem to acknowledge. Every. Single. Map. Is. In. An. Alternate. Reality. Imagine it this way, there is a nexus of time. All teleportation goes through this nexus. For the sake of the argument, let's call this nexus "The Æther". Through all of reality (meaning every possible eventuality, and even every impossible eventuality) ALL teleportation goes to the Æther, and the Æther sorts it all out and sends it to where it needs to go. Now... there is an INFINITE number of realities. so, there are an INFINITE number of realities where, say, Edward Richtofen teleports from Teleporter A in Der Reise to the mainframe. That means that there are an infinite number of realities for the Æther to sort out. The reality is this. Not every universe gets the same Richtofen it sent out. Of course, this would RARELY be noticed by anyone that wasn't omnipotent. LUCKY US. The Edward Richtofen that we follow IN VIDEOS ONLY is the ORIGINAL and ONLY REAL Richtofen, and that Richtofen is... you guessed it! OMNIPOTENT. He knows ALL THINGS. He's an OCD motherfucker to make sure he keeps track of it all. He lies to everyone else, because they aren't ready for what he knows. He does things that literally ANYONE ELSE would see as evil... but he does it, maybe not for the right reason, but because it MUST be done. Now... here's the shocker of the post. SHI NO NUMA WAS NOT THE UNIVERSE THAT OUR RICHTOFEN CAME FROM DER REISE WAS NOT THE UNIVERSE THAT OUR EDWARD CAME FROM KINO DER TOTEN WAS NOT THE UNIVERSE THAT OUR RICHTOFEN CAME FROM ASCENSION WAS NOT THE UNIVERSE THAT OUR RICHTOFEN CAME FROM MOON WAS NOT THE UNIVERSE THAT OUR RICHTOFEN CAME FROM ORIGINS WAS WHERE OUR RICHTOFEN CAME FROM THE TAKEO, NIKOLAI, AND TANK THAT FOLLOWS OUR RICHTOFEN ARE NOT OUR TAKEO, NIKOLAI, AND TANK. THEY ARE REPLACEMENTS. RICHTOFEN IS TRYING TO FIND OUR TAKEO, NIKOLAI, AND TANK. HE IS OMNIPOTENT AND LOST. OMNIPOTENCE DOES NOT HELP YOU DECIPHER INFINITY. The VERY FIRST TIME that Edward Teleported. THAT RUINED EVERYTHING.

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