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  1. Hi I'm oshul! I recently got call of duty black ops three for my birthday And I've been loving the zombie mode on the black ops games ever since I got black ops 1 I remember being terrified of it at first (I was 11) I was playing with my friend and I tried to act cool as kids do and I sucked at it but when I was 12 I started playing the game more and more... I then got bo 2 And I loved transit I had no idea why anyone would hate it the map was huge I loved it and started playing the ever loving shit out of it sure almost every time I ran into a little kid on it but I didn't care I Knew how to setup and get the power on I wasn't a master but I knew almost all of the Easter eggs I never got to finish the huge Easter egg on it but I was really close to building the wonder weapon. I took a brake from the series and when I came back I was crap at it again. I got mob of the dead and I got a bit better but by that time the Xbox 360 was being discontinued and I was to busy play lbp on the ps3. I got bo3 for my birthday a few days ago and I was ecstatic and I cant wait to play with you all ^.^

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