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  1. Lord Of Shadows

    I am the Lord of Shadows. I have been playing Call of Duty: Zombies since I was around 12 years old, and am now 20, so around 8 years. I know a lot about the story, though I haven't been able to play some of the newer maps for Black Ops 3. I would like to get in touch with anyone that has played those maps, for a rundown of it's events, or any kind of information about the map, such as the revlelations promised by the namesake. When i have a console of my own, I will be playing. i have the strong intention to complete all of the Easter Eggs. I am also a writer, so I will likely be posting original content every now and again. Take it as you will, regardless and despite what many will think is misplaced in the fandom, or stupid. Or if you think it's cool, be sure to let me know.