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  1. My Perk Idea is called Close Quarters Basically it is A perk and it cost 4500 When You Drink it it will put two windows next to you and they will never break no matter what even if zombies hit then so zombies can only hit from the front and back Heres the perk jingle Close Quarters Closer then Family Close Quarters Come along ill make you see the evil me KICK KICK KICKING ME DOWN KICK KICK KICK KICK KICKING ME DOWN KICKING ME DOWN ill make ya see the evil me kicking me down to the ground around my surronds knowone survives but The windows on my side KICKING ME DOWN DOWN DOWN TO MY SURRONDS ROUNDS ROUNDS KNOWONE SURVIVES VIVES VIVES BUT A WINDOW ON MY SIDE its time FOR MY EVIL SIDE KICK KICK KICKING ME DOWN KICK KICK KICKING ME DOWN TO MY SURRUNDS KNOWONE SURVIVES BUT A BROKEN WINDOW ON MY SIDE ITS NAME IS CLOSE QUARTERS.