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  1. Gorod Krovi Highest Round.

    42 so far and abought the map about 4 days ago :-). Guys we need a good, possibly pro players for team. highest round or ee. Micro is a must so if u wanna add me on ps4 USERNAME: lucyferevil
  2. Hello everyone, i'm looking for players or to join a team to complete easter egg on Shadow of Evil and go for a high round too. I play on PS4 PRO and u can find me by username lucyferevil or email samirr941@outlook.com Micro is a must :-) + Am based in UK so timezone UTC+00:00 See u in game ! ;-)
  3. New to here but not to zombies

    Hello everyone, my name is Sam and i'm 22. Im based in UK and looking to meet new players to play with ang get to high round. Maybe i'm not a pro player but i'm really good and each game getting better ;-) At now i'm delighting with my new PS4 PRO & 49 inches LG 4k UHD so yea the graphic deisng is outstanding and hopefully they make BO3 fully 4k soon... If there is anyone who wants to get high round + all easter egg on SOE then add me on PS4 by login lucyferevil or email samirr941@outlook.com See u in game! :-)