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  1. Elemental Staffs

    It's going to be 2 years before treyarch come out with a new call of duty. I do remember being told somewhere that they will be coming out with a zombies game strictly for zombies only. MRDalekJD heard rumor of it
  2. Elemental Staffs

    I have a feeling there was still more to find in the map Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. Elemental Staffs

    It's rumored that the elemental Staffs would be returning in revelations but so far, nobody has found a clue. The creator (I forgot his name) told MR.DALEKJD that we will be SEEING the staffs return. Thinking about what he said, he said we will be "seeing" not using the staffs. Also he said return but he never said return in revelations. Most youtuber zombie players have given up but the creator said "this map will take about 7 months to figure out all the serects. Since a lot are done playing it, do you think that, the elemental Staffs are still hidden inside the map?